A Robotic Vacuum?

Herman, the Robot Vacuum Cleaner?

When I first saw the little, round, robotic vacuüm cleaners hit the market; sneering and amusement were my reactions.  After all, how lazy could a person get?  Plus, there is no way a small round disc could figure out where to go to clean a room thoroughly, maneuvering around the myriad of furniture.  As a person wanting a vacuüm with the seeming power of a jet engine, surely this little fake machine calling itself a vacuüm could not have enough suction to cleaniRobot Vacuum a room well.  That was a few years ago.  Then, about a month ago, one of those online deals of the day came along, and there on my screen was the offer of a great price on a little robotic calling my name.  The price was tempting.  I purchased. That little guy, who I call Herman, is now a part of my action plan daily! Herman is my roomba pet.

I do love a clean house and a “just vacuumed” look with all the marvelous short tracks.  As a person who also loves to complete a to-do list daily, this little wonder fits my plan all the way around.  As I work on writing, emails, and other work tasks, Herman busily vacuums one room at a time.   Just hearing the humming of him doing so gives me that supreme pleasure of knowing I am multitasking effectively.  When the little blue guy completes his task, those notable tracks stay as evidence in the carpeted rooms.  The summary from the rooms with haIRobot Vacuum(56064)rdwood floors could be, “no dust bunnies left behind.”

What are drawbacks?  As with everything, there are some. The battery life is short, and the unit needs recharging after it methodically crawls around the nooks and crannies in every two rooms.  I did not buy a unit with the automatic docking station. When I hear the humming stop, I know that the unit’s battery depleted.   I sometimes have to go in search of my little friend, as hides under a piece of furniture. The unit does require charging after every two rooms of cleaning.  That does not bother me though as I decided to just clean two rooms a day, plug it in for recharging, and assign the next two rooms the following day.

Why do I love Herman, the iRobot vacuum? This little unit allows me to multitask.  That forty-five minutes or so that I used to spend vacuuming are mine once again.  The unit requires no bags and is easy to empty.  Does it do a terrific job of vacuuming?  Absolutely, that is a fact, and all tiRobot Vacuum(56066)hose little traffic paths prove this truth.  It is small so it presents no storage challenges.  With a regular vacuüm, I pulled out every chair around the dining room table to clean under the chairs.  Herman just zips right under each chair. Required is no moving or replacing of furniture.

What brand did I buy?   I bought the iRobot Roomba and would recommend that investment to anyone and everyone.  The price is not much compared to the time I just gained back.  I am so impressed with this little device that I have started looking into the robotic floor mops. Stay tuned!