It's Not About What You Can Do For Rock Climbing

Rock climbing is an exhilarating sport that requires strength, stamina, strategy and stability. If you've got these four qualities, plus a whole lot of enthusiasm to learn the sport, then finding rock climbing lessons shouldn't be too much of a challenge. With rock climbing locations in all 50 states, there's bound to be a climbing center or club near where you live. This article looks at some of the programs offered by various climbing schools across the nation. A more comprehensive study of the schools and instructors in your area should be easily searchable on the internet.

East Coast Rock Climbing Lessons

Climbing Instructions, a climbing, hiking and camping school in Rosendale, New York, offers everything from basic rock climbing lessons to courses for seasoned climbers aspiring to become professional instructors. Their rates are very reasonable, and start at about $85 for a package. There's no minimum group size so you can go on your own, but you'll need to commit at least a full day for one of the basic courses, maybe more for an advanced session. They are fully accredited by the American Mountain Guide Association (AMGA), and all of their guides are AMGA certified as well. Their operations base is in the Shawangunks Mountains about 90 minutes north of NYC. For whom this is relevant, they don't teach the elderly and don't teach environmental awareness skills.

Rock Climbing Lessons in California

California Alpine Guides is a company way over along the West Coast that boasts being hosts to one of the best rock climbing sites in the country – Joshua Tree National Park – apart from the stunning Sierras. The guides are all AMGA certified, and what's more, some of them are excellent chefs; with meals provided as part of a day's rock climbing, you can expect some mouth-watering delicacies at the end of a tough day on the rocks. All the equipment is provided as well, and they claim that 'all you have to do is show up ready to have fun.' At $135 per person per day, most people who have had their rock climbing lessons there say that it's quite reasonable.

Indoor Rock Climbing Lessons

The Philadelphia Rock Gym, or PRG, as it is known in the area, has about 6000 square feet of climbing walls and is one of the better indoor facilities available to the rock climbing enthusiast. They offer a host of rock climbing lessons, including basic instruction and even family packages. Their starting price is $14 so it's really great if you have a day off and you want to literally hang out with your friends. They are certified by the Climbing Wall Association and also members of the Maryland and New York State Guides. Though being limited by whatever an indoor climbing facility can provide, it is a good place to start your rock climbing lessons.

The South's Best Pickings

Granite Arches Climbing Guides offers the best of the Southeast, with climbing locations covering Georgia, North Carolina and Tennessee. Their claim is that they will quickly take a person from beginner or advanced, to higher levels of proficiency in the shortest time possible. With all the requisite certifications under their belt, the $60 that they charge as a minimum doesn't sound too bad at all.

Finding A Reason To Take Rock Climbing Lessons

Across the country, you'll find several guide companies, climbing schools, indoor facilities and independent instructors willing to teach you everything they know about rock climbing. So more than being about where to go for rock climbing lessons, it will be a question of why you want to do it. Some people do it for relaxation, some find it a form of meditation; yet others find it a good way to connect with friends in a group. No matter what your motivation, your days as a rock climber are guarantied to be some of the best days of your life.