Looking for rock guitar books for children? With the popularity of computer music games such as Guitar Hero many children are showing an interest in playing rock guitar. Playing guitar gives a child confidence in themselves and something to do in their spare time that’s constructive. There are plenty of good guitar books on the market that will help children learn and these are great to use in music lessons with a guitar teacher. In this article we examine some rock guitar books for children.

Beginning Rock Guitar for Kids by Jimmy Brown

I have used this book in my own guitar teaching and it’s a good primer into the basic concepts of rock guitar splaying. Students will learn simple guitar phrases and scales that are fun to play on the instrument as well as basic guitar soloing techniques. Players will learn simple power style chords and blues style scales. This book is geared towards children aged 10-14 and will keep them busy for some time learning all the material in the book. This book goes beyond the basic boring songs taught in most method books and gets a student playing some real rock guitar in a a short period of time.

Rock House, Children's Guitar Method by John McCarthy

This book starts children on their instrument playing journey. It teaches the basic principals of guitar playing such as the parts of thier instrument and how to hold the guitar so it's comfortable to play. Easy examples of chords, picking, strumming patterns, and single note playing are also taught in this book. There's also a follow along DVD to help the student learn on their instrument and the book is taught by a real music instructor.

Guitar for Kids for Ages 5-9 (Hal Leonard Guitar Method

This book teaches younger children how to play the instrument with popular songs such as "Yellow Submarine," "I'm a Believer," "Hound Dog," and many more. The book features simple page layouts so the student can remained focused on one concept at a time without getting distracted with their playing. This method will work for both electric and acoustic guitar students. Like many method books it will work the best when it is used with a qualified music instructor. The book comes with a CD as well.

Girl's Guitar Method, Book 1 (Book and Enhanced CD) by T. Ciravolo
 This guitar method book is especially designed for girls and provides a solid path for girls to follow with their new instrument. The book teaches girls how to comfortably hold their guitar, use a pick and learn their first songs. The book features many songs and exercises to get them playing right away. They will learn simple rock songs along with other styles. Beginner chords are taught in this book along with single string melodies and other concepts a student needs to learn the guitar in the early stages of their development.

Recommendations for Children Learning Rock Guitar

These method books will all help a younger player learn the instrument but they should be used along with a guitar teacher. When a student learns with a teacher they will reduce bad habits such as using the wrong fingering when playing chords. If your child is taking lessons at school they may use books that are different than these but these are good to have in their music book catalogue at home.  Ask your child’s music teacher what is the best book for them to learn on as they might have different opinions.  In addition to these method books you’ll also find song books for many of the popular artists in today’s music that your children may like. You can also buy books that are full of more traditional children’s folk songs too which are also fun to learn and play. Playing the guitar is a fun journey and I hope these books help your child learn rock guitar and other styles too.