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Rock music came, it conquered and then it settled in nicely and found a spot for itself within the music world. Like many styles of American music, Rock was heavily influenced by blues, amongst other traditions.

The 1950s were in full swing and the music community was hungry for a change.

They were not, however, ready for what was about to become the biggest phenomenon the entertainment business has ever seen.

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Tracing the roots of rock and roll will take one back to 1951 and a Cleveland Ohio disk jockey named Alan Freed. "My Baby Rocks Me with a Steady Roll" was the inspiration for the coining of the phrase.

The term "Rock and Roll" appeared in the lyrics and Freed took it to the people. A new music genre was born. What was amazing about this movement had to be the speed in which the youth of the world took to its loud and heavy beat.

The 1960s is a decade where television may have played a large part in the popularity of rock music. Families were acquiring their first television sets.

The black and white images of the Beatles and other breakthrough groups from the UK appeared on variety shows, like the Ed Sullivan show.

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Teenagers would gather at one of their homes, swarm the TV set and watch as history was being made. The decade saw the return of a young soldier with the name of Presley.

Elvis arrived on the scene like a hurricane and immediately set off with several number one hits.

Bands with straight to the point names like The Rockin Rebels and Howlin Wolf made the scene along with legends like Chuck Berry and James Brown. The 60s showed the world that rock was here to stay for the first time.

The 1970s brought yet another sound to the mix with a post war crowd and a freedom movement well underway.

Hippies were in abundance and the youth of the day was leaning sideways again, with breakouts like Alice Cooper and Bad Company. Others like AC/DC and Foreigner, as well as many other new acts, added to the craze that was the rock world of the day.

Society today recognizes rock as a much later arrival. The early days are becoming memories, for the retired bankers and lawyers. Grateful Dead heads of the sixties and seventies are grandparents today. They've watched rock progress from the early days when The Doors and The Rolling Stones brought huge crowds where ever they appeared.

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Music styles have come and gone, both prior to rock and after. None have succeeded in taking their fans through a lifetime, with the exception of rock.

Disco came and went (thank god), Techno made a brief appearance, as well as a lot of other passing sounds. None however, have shown even close to the amount of longevity, that rock and roll has enjoyed.

The 1980s saw rock progress again. During the 80s with the addition of crossover genres like heavy metal and southern rock, bands like Van Halen and Pink Floyd, Led Zeppelin and Aerosmith blasted a new sound that shook buildings and was accompanied by bigger and bigger light and laser shows. The commercial age of rock had arrived and it was here with force.

The introduction to the world of Guns N' Roses and the infamous duo of Axel Rose and Slash blew the minds of everyone, offering up their fanatical interpretations of what they coined as speed rock.

Stacks of speaker towers grew to immeasurable heights and fans would often have to listen outside, as venues overflowed into the streets and parking lots.

They took the world by storm, yet again. Continuous adaptations of that old familiar beat, ever changing yet oh so familiar.

The 1990s saw the most recent adaptation to this musical anomaly. This has to be the large outbreak of country music crossovers, like Kid Rock, among others.

These artists have taken their style of music and adapted it to a larger and more current demographic, the youth of the world, as well as their parents and even grandparents. It seems we're finally all on board the same train, for once.

By far the largest movement in the world of music and unlike other popular sounds throughout history, rock and roll music does appear to be hear to stay.

What kind of music will be the legacy in the new millennium? That article is still left to be written.