If you want to be in total control when playing video games, video rocker chairs are your best bet at a total gaming experience. Video games chairs are highly sophisticated chairs that are especially designed to enhance a gamer's playing time by giving him/her a more real feeling of the game. The chairs provide comfort and support to the back and neck keeping in mind the long hours often spent playing games. They are convenient even for comfortable TV watching experience. Games chairs cost between $100 and $270 on an average, although the prices may differ with changes in quality, size, accessories etc.

Most of the game rocker chairs come with built in speakers that can be connected to the gaming console and/or computer device. The game chairs come with smooth cushioning throughout to provide an untiring game duration. They are completely portable and sometimes are available with a deflating option so that they can be packed when not in use for a long time. The vibration motors are synced to a number of games; the number of which can vary from brand to brand. The floor chairs also come with the option of customization. You can probably opt for your favorite video game character, sports star or even your favorite cartoon as the design for your chair. These are usually designed to work with all handheld PCs, home theatres and game consoles. They come along with full recliner mode thus allowing the user to fix them in the position best suited for him/her. Most chairs are available with multiple game chairs connectivity, allowing the players to connect to other chairs to play multiple player games.

They also include surround sound speaker and/or headset option, which usually has a rechargeable battery with a battery life of 4.5-5 hours. The speakers are usually placed near the headrest area of the chair or scattered in different positions all over the chair. The latest models in these chairs come are also available with an option of headset transmission. This allows two computers in the neighborhood to connect through one server and play the game as opponents/teammates while allowing the two players to talk to each other over the headset.