River Rock Wall Water Fountain

Fountains can be both exciting and relaxing landscape features.  They are extremely versatile, suitable for homes, offices and backyards. There are many kinds available in the marketplace, which have different looks and feels about them. A bamboo fountain represents strength and optimism. The beverage fountain is more vibrant and utility-based. The rock wall fountain is meant to exhibit a rough and rugged country feel.

They make a home feel like a shack near a waterfall in the woods. It is great to have the feeling of being in a rural setting because it helps you relax. Interior decorators have started developing and popularizing this theme for the rich and also for middle-class families.

Indoor Rock Wall Water Fountain

There are different types of rock fountains from simple slabs with water flowing down them to a full rock wall in which rocks and plants enhance the effect of water cascading down the wall to a small pool below.

This functional system recirculates the water back to the top of the fountain in order to preserve water.  The appeal is everlasting. This kind of fountain needs not be very large to look good. Small ones provide the same feeling of well-being. It also doesn't require a precise structure; rather, it can easily flow down a wall in a free-form manner.  These decorative pieces can be used both indoors and outdoors, providing beauty and comfort in living rooms, gardens, backyards and courtyards.

Outdoor Rock Wall Water FountainThe rock wall fountain can be built from different materials other than stone like plastic and fiberglass, but it will not have the same natural feel as a fountain made from rock. There are a number of options when it comes to the design and you can get a custom-made one as per your liking.

The fountain is built from a combination of rocks, stones, bricks, wood and cement. All the materials have their own structural purpose, some being used for aesthetics and some being used for function.

Before going to buy materials for a rock water feature that you build yourself, you need to understand a few things:

  • The budget that you have in mind must consider that large fountains can set you back by a couple of thousand dollars.
  • The area in which you want to have your rock fountain installed will affect the type of structure you build.
  •  The maintenance that is required to keep your fountain in pristine working condition must be considered. Rocks need to be cleaned and polished, and the pump will also need a thorough washing periodically according to manufacturer’s instructions.

Desktop Rock Wall Water FountainSmall rock wall water features can be easily purchased at home decorating and garden accessory centers for prices ranging from $50 to $200. You can also buy them online where you will get many options regarding the design and style of the fountains. You can look at: fountaincrafters.com, garden-fountains.com, or earthinspiredproducts.com just as a starting point.

For larger wall fountains you need to contact an interior decorator who can find a professional to build you this rock fountain or waterfall as per your requirements and your custom design. This will be very expensive, but the final product will be an appealing addition to your home.