Faux Rocks For Pool Waterfall

Have you ever considered installing a rock waterfall in your backyard? If “yes,” then it might be the perfect option for your landscape. Waterfalls increase the resale value of a home by giving it an appearance of a coastal paradise or an exotic oasis.  There are important things to consider before installing these fountains. It is most tempting to get the biggest and most extravagant fountain, but they require extensive maintenance, so temper your enthusiasm while making a decision about what type of landscape you're going to create.

Adding fish to the waterfall pool can enhance the natural look, but the fish are expensive and add another maintenance issue. Bigger fountains entice the viewer with splashing sounds that resemble rain falling in a tropical forest. Placement of the waterfall must be perfect to create the desired effect.  You may wish to see it from the kitchen window or from the bedroom. Because of the constant sound of water falling, you must consider where the fountain is placed - too close to the house may result in annoyance at your otherwise beautiful waterfall.

Rock Waterfall For Swimming PoolNormally rock fountains are built according to their size, but one must choose the space after considering the noise the fountains will make. Some people are comforted by this feature and would like to hear it when falling asleep, and some people are annoyed by it. Once place is decided, the thing to consider is how to make it beautiful. What themes and plants will make it more alluring? Water plants are the best option to give it a look of an oasis. If you include some koi fish in the basin of the waterfall, you can achieve a soothing effect for anyone who comes near it. These fountains are the also considered great for the Feng Shui of your environment.

Be it an artificial rock structure or any other landscaping job, the biggest problem is the lifting and placing of its pieces. Most of the time a professional should install your fountain and waterfall to manage it in such a way that it looks most attractive. Saving money is often not an option here. Installation by a professional may lead to time-saving maintenance later on.

Manufacturers of artificial rocks have recently come up with new ideas to develop cave-like structures that are enjoyed by grandparents, parents and grandchildren for decades to come:

  • Rock Waterfall For PondsCharacter Rocks are formed with many veins running through them. In addition, moss is placed sporadically so that the structure has a very natural look.  
  • Structural Rocks are made in such a way so that one flat side can be stacked on another.
  • Waterfall Rocks can be created by making certain channels run through them from which the water flows. They can be found naturally or can be engineered according to need.
  • Grotto Rocks are complex big structures that are often carved into figurines. They are big but not very heavy and water flows through a streamlined channel.
  • Transitioning Rocks form the most natural kind of waterfalls and are triangular in shape. They make it appear as if the water is originating from the ground, but in reality it is just being circulated.
  • Veneering Rocks are not found easily. The basic concept here is that they are used on the opposite wall of a waterfall fountain. Veneering rock should be thin but spacious. It is important that the surface is rugged to prevent injuries. If you want broader sides then you may have to shell out extra money. Veneering rocks are usually covered with moss and some water plants.

No matter what type, all fountains need ongoing maintenance for proper functioning. You should always follow the manufacturer's instructions carefully. Once installed, you are advised to regularly clean and maintain your rock fountain to keep it in a good condition.