Zuzana on BodyRock.TV

Rock your body with Zuzana Light of BodyRock.TV. In my opinion, Frederick and Zuzana Light have created the perfect interval training workout routines and they are available to everyone for free! BodyRock.TV is a video blog showcasing a variety of short workout plans that anyone can try in the comfort of their own home. With Frederick filming the workouts and Zuzana demonstrating the moves, they are the perfect team to bring interval training to your TV (or computer).

How Do You Rock Your Body with Interval Training?

Interval training is a great workout if you can find fitness programs that will really work your muscles out in short bursts of time. Interval training is a series of high intensity exercises mixed with low intensity exercises completed in short increments of time repeated for about 10-20 minutes. The more oxygen we are able to use, the more calories we burn. The purpose of interval training is to use your own body to build up your muscles’ endurance and strength. It’s effective at burning fat, calories and creating those nicely toned body parts. This is the best way to rock your body as demonstrated by Zuzana.

BodyRock.TVCredit: Frederick Light

What Makes BodyRock.TV Any Different From Other Workouts?

Zuzana does a really good job of explaining each step in her routine. She has videos, pictures and written instructions on everything she is doing. Using any of these avenues to begin her exercise program should help you to figure out what you need to do to complete the day’s workout. She sometimes even has beginner moves and a beginner video to show you how the routine should be completed. Because she's so strong already, the routines might seem a bit out of reach for a beginner, but Zuzana always shows alternative ways to do an exercise until you can build up to the exact moves she's doing. Each day’s routine is clearly marked and she even throws in challenges to keep your muscles active while keeping you from getting bored.

BodyRock.TV is completely free. Having a complete library of workout videos can become quite costly, but with BodyRock you get all the access to various workout routines without having to pay anything. You can rewind the videos online with ease and even subscribe to their You Tube Channel.

The blog also has food and diet tips. Zuzana does a wonderful job of giving you all her nutritional knowledge, along with recipes and diet challenges that help you change your diet for the better. Her followers, called BodyRockers, are just as inspiring as Zuzana. With every picture submitted, there’s a background story about how BodyRock.TV changed their life and inspired them to workout as intense as Zuzana. These people are motivators to rock your body and become your best physical self.

Rock Your BodyCredit: Frederick Light

If you’re looking for a high intensity, but short workout, look to BodyRock.TV to help keep you toned, healthy and motivated. If you're looking to rock your body as Zuzana has, you might need to intensify your workout with her exercise equipment. Zuzana's exercise plans beat any gym workouts out there and these free workout plans may just get you the body you've always wanted.