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Learning another language is one of the best ways to enrich yourself as a human being, learn about and connect with people you might never have interacted with otherwise.


Imagine the joy of randomly meeting people who are native speakers of the language you learned and being able to have whole conversations and relate and make friends quickly because of your skill.


I can say in no uncertain terms that having foreign language skills is a huge plus in the dating realm because it allows you to cross language barriers and give people a reason to be interested in you.


It’s simply one of the most enjoyable processes you can go through and has payoffs for the rest of your life!


Most people make learning another language way harder in their heads than it actually is.

I think one of the reasons people think it's more difficult than it is is because they believe they've got to speak 100% fluently to function in a language.  Not True!!


In fact, becoming conversational in a language is very different from becoming fluent!


Look at it this way: it might take you anywhere from 3 months (yes, it's possible) to a year to start having meaningful conversations in a language but it could take another 3 years to really master that language to the point where you don't really have to think about what you say when you speak. 


Luckily, it takes very little knowledge of a language to become conversational because only a couple hundred words and some basic rules make up 75% of a language!


Many people also have a fear of speaking because they don't want to make mistakes and sound foolish. 


As a speaker of 4 languages (2 conversational, 2 fluent), my advice is to embrace this fear and speak as much as possible. 


You know, feel the fear and do it anyway...that kind of thing.


First, it's the absolute BEST way to learn to actually speak (that IS the point, isn't it?) and second, you'll find that it's ok to be not perfect and that your mistakes and funny, embarrassing and awkward moments are the things that actually HELP, rather than hinder you in remembering the details of a language.

German is one of those languages where saying something slightly differently makes the word mean something else. 


To get conversational fast, I always recommend the Rocket German language course because it's created by a native speaker and focuses on teaching you how to THRIVE in actual conversations without any useless bookwork. 

Good'll do great!

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