While it may not be true for everyone, most of us spent the beginning months of our lives in some kind of rocking chair.  Also, most of us continued this tradition as we grew up and brought children of our own into the world.  Some of you probably rocked your children in the same rocking chair you were rocked in as a baby.  I feel fairly confident when I say that most every home in the good old USA has some type of rocking chair occupying a prominent space and likely being used on a daily basis.  Even though we no longer have our parents holding us in the rocking, the feeling of calm and serenity still exists as we rock away our troubles.  There is little I enjoy more today then relaxing in one of my rocking chairs on the back porch, enjoying a cool glass of lemonade and watching the hummingbirds stopping by for a quick meal.

Rocking chairs have been around almost as long as America itself if you believe their history.  Word has it that Benjamin Franklin invented the rocking chair and considering the fact that he is definitely known to be a great inventor, I have no reason to doubt this is so.  Although there are no facts to back this contention up, what is known, is that some time during the Ben Franklin era of the 19th century, regular chairs were retrofitted by shortening the legs and attaching runners thus converting ordinary chairs into rockers.  By completing this transformation of a common everyday chair, the inventor created a device that not only still exists today, but exists much the same as it did then and continues to grow in popularity with each new generation.

The rocking chair is truly a versatile piece of furniture and will fit in with most any style of decor.  Almost all the well known styles of furniture have included a rocker as part of their offering of seating choices.  Whether your decor consists of a more modern style or the traditional Bentwood, Boston, Ladder Back, Shaker, Victorian, Wicker, or Windsor style, you will have no trouble locating a myriad of choices to your liking.  Furniture makers have even managed to adapt the ever popular recliner into a rocking chairs thus creating a chair that combines the best of both worlds as far as I am concerned.

In addition to the many different styles of rocking chairs, they also come in many different sizes.  From baby rocking chairs, to giant rockers for the largest man, there is a size out there that will be perfect for you.  If you are in the market for a rocking chair, its size will be a major consideration once you decide on a style.  Make sure the rocker fits you and it will be a comfortable seat that you will choose to use often.  When you sit in the chair, make sure that the width of the armrests is such that your arms rest comfortably on them.  Also, make sure that your feet touch the floor and do not dangle in the air.  Your head should also rest against the back of the chair without having to rest at an odd angle.  If there is anything that feels odd about the way the chair sits, leave it at the store and keep looking.

Outside of these considerations, look for quality materials, joinery, and finish as you would with any other piece of furniture and keep in mind whether the chair will be used indoors or out.  This will help you with your choice of construction materials.  If you select a quality chair of the proper materials that fits your style of decor and provides a comfort level that will let you rock away the hours, you will purchase a rocking chair that will hopefully be enjoyed by you and others in your family for many generations to come.