World Tour Classic


Great comfort and stability which will keep your feet from hurting out throughout the day. Looks great in professional and office type settings. Patented Walking Platform technology which helps comfort your feet. Made of high quality leather.


High price tag at the cost of $95. Sometimes run a half size smaller than marked.

Full Review

Rockport has proven itself to be a strong competitor in the footwear market when it comes to designing shoes which look professional and feel great. The World Tour Classic is undoubtedly one of Rockport's most popular styles. This review will examine some common opinions about the shoe from customers who have owned them.

First of all, keep in mind that the Rockport World Tour Classic is meant to be a walking shoe, and it seems to serve its purpose quite well. Nearly all men who own them comment on how comfortable and supportive the shoes are. One thing that really stands out is that many people who buy these shoes do so because they have foot problems or pain, and need footwear that support their feet better. Several men also talk about how they wear the shoes all day while their at work, and then go home and leave them on because they are comfortable enough to wear around the house. Many buyers of the World Tour Classic are men who are on their feet for much of the day, often working in professional or white collar settings. These shoes are perfect for men who work jobs like that, and the reason is because of the shoe's looks.

It is no secret that the World Tour Classic is one of the more stylish Rockport shoes for men. It is a very professional looking shoe, and looks perfectly acceptable in office type environments. The upper of the shoe is made of premium tumbled leather, and is breathable to keep your feet from sweating in the hot summer weather. Also, the knit lining of the shoes helps to keep water out so your feel stay dry in bad weather. Rockport has a patent for a shoe technology called Walking Platform which is implemented in this style. This technology is meant to provide rearfoot stability, forefoot flexibility, and long lasting comfort for the wearer.

One complaint some men had about the World Tour Classic is that the shoe often feels a bit smaller than it's marked. It isn't a huge problem since the size is usually stated to feel only about a half size off. However it is important to keep this in mind if you plan on buying these shoes on the internet. Also, unfortunately the price of this shoe style is somewhat high compared to many other similar men's walking shoes. It is also more expensive than many other styles of Rockport shoes for men. For a new pair, it will cost around $95 online, and usually a bit more when bought in retail stores. The high price tag is warranted though because of the amount of comfort and support the shoes provide.

In Closing

The Rockport World Tour Classic is a great shoe for either working or relaxing at home. The shoes provide enough comfort to allow you to wear them almost anywhere.