The Rocky Mountain Rumble in Pocatello, Idaho brings together football teams that normally would never play each other. There are many great things that have occurred directly because of the annual Rocky Mountain Rumble at Holt Arena on the Idaho State University campus.

2010 Rocky Mountain RumbleWhat Is the Rocky Mountain Rumble?

The Rocky Mountain Rumble showcases 8 different prep football teams. The Rocky Mountain Rumble always pits 4 Idaho high school football teams against 4 teams from areas outside of Idaho. The first year had 4 top notch teams from California visit Holt Arena to play against 4 Idaho High school football teams.

The second year of the Rocky Mountain Rumble had 4 teams from Utah come up and play one of the Idaho teams. The 3rd year which just occurred had two teams from Colorado and 2 prep football teams from Alberta, Canada.

The Rocky Mountain Rumble consists of 4 football games in one day. Each Idaho team is paired off to play against 4 out of area teams. Each year I have gone to the Rocky Mountain Rumble and I will continue to go every year.

Cost of Watching the Rocky Mountain Rumble

It is $10.00 to enter the Holt Arena to watch the games. This is a great deal. I get there early in the morning for the first game and the $10.00 allows me to watch all 4 games. This averages out to a cost of only $2.50 per game. This is an amazing deal. Many people only come to watch one or 2 games but I love the fact I get to watch 4 awesome high school games in one day for one cheap price.

Rocky Mountain Rumble in Pocatello Half Time ShowHolt Arena Culture

Visiting Holt Arena for the first time is a special treat for many of these high school players from out of the area. Holt Arena is the first covered dome ever built on a college stadium and led the way for many pother college enclosed stadiums. Holt Arena was actually the second enclosed stadium built. The first enclosed stadium was the Astro Dome in Houston, Texas.

Regardless of the weather outside you can be warm and dry while watching the football games that are held inside the enclose stadium.

When you spend a day at Holt Arena during the Rocky Mountain Rumble you get a chance to speak with the players and visitors from other states and Countries. It is fun to talk with these out of town visitors. I highly recommend you go out of your way to sit next to some of the out of area visitors. I have had nice conversations with all 12 schools that have visited from out of the state and enjoyed the players and fans from each school.

Gripes About the Rocky Mountain Rumble

The first two years the Altitude Channel broadcast the 4 Rocky Mountain Rumble football games on Television. It was a huge treat for some of these smaller schools to play on TV. It was neat to watch school such as Minico High school have a "TV Time-out".

The Altitude TV broadcast also allowed us to get instant replays on the end zone scoreboard television while watching the games live. I am truly grateful for the television broadcast by the Altitude channel. Unfortunately this year the Altitude channel did not broadcast the games. The filming of the games brought out a high level of enthusiasm from the fans when the cameras would be rolling on the audience.

I hope the Altitude channel will broadcast the games again in the future.

Other gripes about the Rocky Mountain Rumble are the lack of advertising for 2010. This year Information on the Rocky Mountain Rumble was hard to come by. I had to call one of the guys I know at Idaho State University to get any info on when the games were to be held. The website as well as the Facebook page was never updated.

Another huge gripe is the cost of food and drinks at Holt Arena. $7.00 for a double cheeseburger is outrageous. One way you can save some money is to stock your cooler full of ice and sandwich supplies. You can get your hand stamped and the leave the Arena whenever you want.

I love my RockStar energy drink and they do not sell them there. I, along with many other people loaded our pockets up with Energy drinks and drank them inside.

True Prep Football Fans at the Rocky Mountain Rumble

Most people came to watch only one game but there were many of us there that watched all 4 games. I love the Idaho VS. Out Of State School football showcases. This year it went international when Notre Dame and Raymond came to play from Alberta, Canada.

Getting to watch 4 games in one day is a lot of fun. It gives prep football fans the chance to see 4 teams that they have never seen play before.

Recommendations for the Rocky Mountain Rumble

I have many suggestions for the Rocky Mountain Rumble but I will simply stick to what I feel are the most vital recommendations.

TV Coverage- Bring back the Altitude Channel to broadcast the football games. Whatever it takes we need to get the TV broadcasts back.

Advertising the Rocky Mountain Rumble

The organizers of the Rocky Mountain Rumble need to keep the Facebook page and the website updated with the newest information. Fans that want to go will not know when it is being held if the website and Facebook page is not updated.

Texas. I would love to see some teams from Texas come up to Idaho to play. Texas is home to some of the best high school football teams in the Country. If we could get one of these awesome Texas teams to come up to play in the Rocky Mountain Rumble then we increase attendance at the Rocky Mountain Rumble is it as properly advertised.

Chad's Rentals in Pocatello, Idaho

Chad's Rentals is the main sponsor of the Rocky Mountain Rumble. If you live in or near Pocatello and need a new couch or TV then go take a look at Chad's Rentals in Pocatello. They are very friendly and help to bring my favorite annual event into Holt Arena.

The Rocky Mountain Rumble may fall apart if it was not for Chad's Rentals.

2011 Rocky Mountain Rumble

The 2011 Rocky Mountain Rumble will be held once again at Holt Arena in Pocatello, Idaho. We will have 4 great teams come to play 4 Idaho teams including Highland High school of Pocatello. It will probably be in September again. As of right now we don't know who the teams will be yet but I can assure you that it will be one fun filled day.