A rodeo queen must wear a cowboy hat at all times.

A rodeo queen is never seen without her cowboy hat and crown when making public appearances.  It is considered part of her western attire requirements.  Good felt cowboy hats are not inexpensive!  And many queens need several hats to compliment her wardrobe.  It is a must that she take proper care and handling of each hat as they must look good throughout her reign.

Rodeo Queen HatCredit: jmwilding

Here are some basic guidelines for rodeo queen hats: 

Queens never wear straw hats or hats with rivets in them, especially during competition.  The judges will look at each hat the contestant wears and will typically deduct points from her score for this.  

Follow the current fashion trends when chosing the right hat to wear.  During competition it is best to wear the three basic colors; white, black, and bone.  If you are bold enough to wear other colors or trendy styles, make sure they really compliment your outfit and that you will wear it with complete confidence! 

Make sure that you have your hats shaped.  Always follow the trend that the current Miss Rodeo America wears.  She is the best guideline to follow in western wear fashion questions for rodeo queens. 

Hats must be clean at all times.  Before every competition make sure that you take your hats in and have them reshaped and cleaned.  Always brush and clean your hat after each use.  Check in the mirror to see if you have any dirt or dust on your hat before you enter a room or event at a competition or appearance. 

Be careful not to use your sponge or brush on your white hat that you use for your black hat.  Have a set for each color.  Sponges are cheap, so you can keep one in each box or can.  Tuck a small hat sponge or brush in your purse or bag to take with you everywhere.  Always check your hat for smudges and marks when you are checking your make up in the mirror.  Always wash your hands after putting on your make up so you don't accidently get foundation or powder on your hat when you go to put it on. 

No silver or colored hat bands.  The fabric hatband that comes on your hat is the style now.  You might need to remove the fabric hatband so your rodeo tiara or crown fits down snug on the brim. 

You will need two sets of hats.  One for indoor appearances and one for the arena and outdoor appearance as the areana ones can get very dirty and dusty and you wouldn't want to wear it for modeling!  Most queens will rotate their indoor hats to their arena hats and purchase new ones for indoor. 

Do not wear your hat while using hair spray on your hair as it will damage it. 

Always keep a hat protector handy for rainy weather.  

Never leave your hats in the sun or a warm car.  This will ruin the shape. 

Always use a hat can or box to carry and store your hats.  This will protect the shape and keep dust off of them. 

Use baby powder on your white hats to freshen the color. 

Never take your hat off in public.  Never lose it in the arena.  Pin and tape it on! 

Never wear a stampede string.

Always purchase the best hat you can afford, especially for competing and indoor appearances.  Make sure it fits well and snuggly on your head.  A judge can spot a poorly fitted hat from a mile away! 

Consult the rules and guideline of the rodeo queen contest and the queen coordinator for additional requirements if you have a question on what is expected.