Rojales Spain is a town with a population of around 6000 during the winter, which rises to over 50,000 during the summer. It is situated on the Costa Blanca in south eastern Spain. It was at one time a traditional farming village which relied on the river Segura for the much-needed water supply that irrigated the surrounding fields. The tourist industry has made a large impact on the whole coast in that region, and Rojales Spain has expanded to meet some of those demands.

The town of Rojales Spain has grown a lot in the past couple of decades in order to meet the demands of the tourist industry. Despite this, the town still retains much of the old Spanish charm and character which has long forsaken some of its neighbors. Old Rojales is built around the cave houses which back on to the town known as Ciudad Quesada. It is still heavily involved in market gardening as are the neighboring hamlets that surround Rojales Spain.

There is an artisans market which is held around the cave houses on the first Sunday of every month. The cave houses are built into the sandstone hills, most dating back to the 19th century. These cave houses are not the primitive dwellings that they once were; in fact some of them are quite modern. Most of the cave houses today are home to artists and craftsmen. The cave houses of Rojales Spain are actually quite beautiful with their simply laid out furnishings and simple white walls. Most of the cave houses in Spain can take right back to the Moorish invasions. There is actually one place here that you must see and that is the Shell House which has been made by the artist Manuel Fulleda Alcarez. This is basically a house which has been decorated with pieces of tile, locally found shells, pieces of colored glass, and shards of mirror. The Shell House is actually a great testament to man's endurance, patience, and perseverance. It is to be found near to the cave houses.

If you are looking to relocate to Spain, you can not only find some great Spanish villas for sale, you will also be able to find apartments and fincas to suit your budget. Rojales Spain is very well catered for when it comes to supermarkets and shops. Ex-pats will see plenty to interest them here with a lively ex-pat community. There are plenty of bars and restaurants to suit all tastes and pockets. Above all Rojales Spain offers you a chance to meet real Spaniards in a real Spanish setting. The natives of Rojales Spain are noted for their charm and friendliness. From Rojales Spain you can visit the towns of Torrevieja and Guardemar which are popular tourist destinations. There is also a weekly market held in the Rojales Spain every Thursday. Golfing is available at the La Marquesa and La Finca Algorfa golf clubs. Alicante is around 30 km away and Murcia is about 35 km distance. The Costa Blanca is one of the most beautiful places in this peaceful country and Rojales Spain is really a gem within this beauty.