Pink: It's My New Obsession

Recently, the Department of Homeland Security has approved these interesting little pink traffic signs. I know what you're thinking: a pink traffic sign or construction sign is kind of lame. I agree- I mean, who takes anything pink seriously? I have seen a few of these new signage things in use, and believe me, they actually look better than they sound. It's not like it's a baby pink; on the contrary, it's actually a high visibility pink that is hard to miss. Many of them turn into a bright white color at night, to make them easier to spot. These high visibility pink signs actually do an excellent job of getting your attention. The fact that they are roll-up signs makes them compact and easy to store when they are not in use. I can imagine that being tasked with the responsibility of storing traditional, large metal signage when they are not in use can be inconvenient and expensive, although I have never personally try to store one myself. These pink traffic signs are made out of a high quality grade of vinyl and appear to be glossy and shiny. Each one of these rollup signs are meant to assist with either traffic control or other pertinent public information and have excellent nighttime visibility. 

These high visibility pink signs are available for purchase to businesses and the general public. They are a great option for construction companies and other organizations that perform services in highly trafficked areas. There are a variety of construction signs that are available with different wordings and in different sizes. Due to their flexibility, these rollup signs are reasonably inexpensive to ship when they are ordered. This means that there are no excessive charges that will be incurred when ordering these construction signs. I am very curious as to who came up with the color pink. I don't mean to harp, but pink traffic signs are not what we are used to seeing when driving through a construction zone. I can't help but wonder if the construction workers will start wearing pink hardhats to match the signs. Hey, there's really nothing wrong with color coordination, is there?

Where can I buy high visibility pink construction signs?

These new Homeland security color construction signs can be purchased in most stores that sell construction signage and construction equipment. Because they are so new, some stores may not have the pricing up on their website yet. You can probably call for this information before placing your order. One of the nicest things about these pink traffic signs, aside from the compact storage, is how fast the setup and takedown is. In just a snap, you can set up or remove these rollup signs quickly and conveniently. These signs are lighter and easy to carry around, making set up a less time consuming process than it traditionally used to be. These signs can be mounted on a telescoping stand if desired, or can be applied elsewhere, such as on a pole or vehicle as needed. They usually come in 36 inch and 48 inch sizes, but some sign shops may be willing to customize these signs to suit your criteria.  Another benefit to this new pink signage is that they are extremely light. Again, this is great for shipping and storage but I do have some concerns as to how well they will hold up during extremely windy or inclement weather.

Whether you're looking for road safety signs, crosswalk signs, or traffic control signs, chances are, that any sign store or construction equipment manufacturer will have these new pink homeland security signs available for purchase.  You can shop at a sign store online or you can visit a local sign shop near you.

What is still unclear is whether or not construction companies will eventually be required to make the switch from their more traditional orange construction signs to these new pink homeland construction signs. It may become a mandatory switch, or remain optional. This new signage is not yet in full swing anywhere, in fact, most people haven't even seen them in use yet. There are a few in use around the Washington DC area and I have seen a couple of them downtown in my local city. I have a feeling that as these pink rollup signs become more and more popular, so will the matching pink construction hardhats. Stay tuned, I know I will…

Pink Roll Up Traffic Signs

Homeland Security Approved Pink Roll Up Traffic Signs