One of the reasons why people are getting more used to laminating their documents is because they know that those documents are going to be preserved and protected for a long while. Laminating documents are sturdier, more resistant to wear and tear and are going to be around for a longer period of time, because your ordinary paper document is covered with a thin film of laminating sheet. The sheet is strong enough to resist being destroyed very easily, and that is the reason why many people going for laminating every single document, which is extremely important and needs to be kept for a long while.

- What is a roll laminator and what are they used for

Roll laminators are normally used when you have to laminate huge documents like maps and posters. This sort of lamination cannot be done in a small, normal A4 size laminator. This laminator comes under the category of a wide format laminating machine. You can use the roll laminators for hot laminating and Cold laminating. Sometimes some heaters were not work at full width range on some types of hot laminating machines. This could mean that plenty of your document's areas are not going to be laminated, especially if they happen to be wide maps. So a special type of roll laminator is needed, according to the diameter of the laminating film supply to fulfill your requirements.

- Different types and brands

There are 2 different types of roll laminators, hot laminators and cold laminators. The laminators have different temperature settings, depending upon the projects which you are using them for. The laminators also have a place where you can read the actual temperature as well as the set temperature. They also have maximum thickness, which means some laminators are only going to laminate paper thick documents, while others are capable of laminating paper boards, and even card boards. GBC Ultima is a good brand going in the market today.

- Their advantages and disadvantages

The main advantage of having a roller laminator is that large lamination jobs can be done in a proper and professional manner. Even though Heat is used, and it can be tricky, laminating a large document that such high heat, a complete lamination of even extremely thick documents can be done with the help of these laminators. When the roller laminator is compared to other types of laminators, it has the distinct advantage of being able to laminate wider and thicker documents.

- How to choose one

A good roll laminator is cost-effective, has an emergency butter which you can press to stop the machine if the temperature goes too high, and should be able to give a smooth finish to the product without any bubbling in the sheet.

- How much do the Roll laminators cost?

Roll Laminators cost anywhere between USD300-USD1300 according to their size, and capacity.

- Where to buy

You can buy roll laminators at different retail outlets as well as online, after looking through the specifications, the catalogs and the price.