When you buy a tent is always come with a nice stuff bag with the tent rolled up all nice and tight inside of it. The problem with these stuff sacks is they make getting the tent back in a real chore. You need to fold and roll it up all nicely while pushing the air pockets out of it. Many times it will take longer to fold and roll the tent back into the stuff bag then it does to actually set up the tent. There is a simple solution to getting you tent to fit inside of the stuff bag quickly and easily.

If you are struggling to get your tent to fit back into the stuff bag that came with the tent then you can buy a larger stuff bag. Yep, simply by an oversized stuff bag and then the next time you take down your tent after a weekend of camping you can easily fold and roll your tent back up and fit it into the stuff bag quickly. Even if your tent roll-up job is really poor you can still easily fit it into the stuff bag if you bought an oversized stuff bag.

Why take 15-20 minutes to properly roll up your tent and remove the air pockets when you can buy a stuff bag that is much larger than the one that came with the tent when you purchased it? Camping should be fun and by buying a larger stuff bag you can include stuffing your tent into the stuff bag as fun. When you try and fit it into the included bag and it takes you a long time then that removes part of your fun. Camping should be fun and you do not want your last memory of the campsite of you and your wife huffing, puffing, and sweating as you attempt to re-roll the tent to fit into the stock stuff bag.

You can easily find an oversized stuff bag at online camping retailers such as Campmor.com. You can also consider buying an oversized duffel bag and using that as your stuff bag. An over sized duffel bag makes it easy to tote your tent around as well as stuffing your tent into it. If space is a consideration then you can also buy some compression straps to fit over the duffel bag.

If you buy a duffel bag to use as a tent bag then make sure you buy a heavy weight one made with quality stitching. A cheap duffel bag will erode the stitching and cause the bag to fail. If you buy a high quality duffel bag then you can expect it to last for many seasons of camping even with heavy use.

Camping and then stuffing your tent into the small bag that came with your tent is a huge hassle for many people. You should simply buy a duffel bag or a larger stuff sack and then use that to get your tent put away without wasting a lot of precious time. Image Credit: (Flickr/rezsox)