Roller hockey goalie equipment on sale

In order to stay protected in net you need proper roller hockey goalie equipment. The goalkeeper might be the most important position in roller hockey. In order for the goalie to perform at their highest level possible they need the right equipment. Roller hockey goalie equipment is made up of six essential pieces. In order to put together the best set of roller hockey equipment you need to consider a few key factors.

What Roller Hockey Goalie Equipment Do You Need?

The main pieces of roller hockey goalie equipment include the leg pads, glove, blocker, stick and mask. Each piece of equipment has been built to offer maximum padding and protection while maintaining a free range of motion. A roller hockey goalie needs to be protected from high velocity street pucks while being left with enough freedom to move quickly. There are areas that are exposed to injury however they are not in key areas.

The glove a roller hockey goalie wears plays an important role in their ability to successfully tend goal. It goes on the weak hand and serves to cover the puck or catch shots flown towards the goal. The most important factor to consider when you're picking out your glove is whether it fits properly or not. The goalie wants a glove that fits so they can quickly and accurately move the glove where it needs to be to make the save.

The goalie pads worn in roller hockey are a bit smaller than ice hockey. They are not as bulky and they are not as tightly padded. The different puck or ball used in roller hockey does not require the goalie to be so heavily padded. They attach to the shins and run the length of the legs similarly to traditional goalie pads.

The roller hockey goalie equipment also includes a blocker. It is used to hold the hockey stick and provide protection. The most important thing to consider when you're picking out your blocker is whether it fits or not. You want to be able to maintain your grip on the stick without having a scrounged up hand. The goalie will likely make blocker saves so it needs to be able to move quickly while providing enough protection from the impact of a shot bouncing off of it.

The stick a roller hockey goalie uses needs to be light enough and durable for heavy use. It needs to be light in order for it to be quickly handled in save situations. The goalies ability to handle the puck relies on their stick skills. If the goalie uses an incompatible piece of equipment their stick handling will suffer. It is risky because poor stick handling can lead to mistakes that might turn into goals.

The roller hockey goalie equipment set would not be complete without a mask. The mask is what protects the head and face of the goalie. It is as much about style as it is function. You want to make sure you pick a helmet and mask that fits you comfortably while allowing your head to breathe. You'll have a lot of options when it comes to style when you're picking out your goalie mask.

Where can you buy roller hockey goalie equipment?

There are a number of online retailers that sell roller hockey equipment. You might want to check out to find your equipment set if you know what you are looking for. You want to make sure what you buy fits. To make sure what you buy suits you well, you might want to shop at an offline retailer. Doing so will allow you try on your equipment and find exactly what fits right.

How Much Does Roller Hockey Goalie Equipment Cost?

Roller hockey goalie equipment can cost upwards of $1500 for the entire set. They are priced highly which makes picking the right pieces essential.