Roller Hockey Pants - Buying Cheap Athletic Gear

Roller hockey pants are pretty similar to ice hockey pants. They have padding in necessary areas with a few useful adjustments.

Roller hockey is usually played outside or in a warmer atmosphere. The whole absence of ice makes that the case. Even if you are playing roller hockey inside, you aren't on top of ice. This makes it warmer.

When you're buying your roller hockey pants you want to make sure they will keep you cool and protected. Getting a case of roller hockey pants that make you sweat can lead to an uncomfortable experience.

What To Consider When Buying Roller Hockey Pants?

The main difference between roller hockey and ice hockey pants are the length. Ice hockey pants are more like shorts with padding. Roller hockey pants are more like pants with padding. You want to find a pair of roller hockey pants that fit comfortably.

The sizes come in the traditional small, medium, large and extra large. If you've never bought roller hockey pants before you will likely want to go in to an offline store to try a few pairs on. The are a unique fit and finding the right ones can be challenging the first time you give it a try.

There is also the design of the pants. If you have a team that wears a uniform set of equipment, then your decision is made for you. However you can choose from a decent variety of different styles if you have the freedom to buy what you want. Roller hockey equipments offers a lot of different opportunities to make a fashion statement. Your pants are one of those.

Where Can You Buy Roller Hockey Pants?

If you're buying pants for the first time, you definitely want to go to an offline retailer. You might be able to find them at a hockey pro shop. You could also find them at more streamlined sporting good stores like Dicks. There you can try them on and find the pair that fits for you.

If you know what pants fit you best and what size you wear, you can try and find them online. There are roller hockey specific retailers that offer a wide selection of pants. is one of the biggest. They offer a one year return policy with no handling charges. This makes them a great choice to buy your roller hockey pants from.

If you are interested in find a discount pair of roller hockey pants you can find them at online auction sites like eBay. There is usually a wide selection of everything there. If you put in your homework you should be able to find exactly what you're looking for. At a very competitive price to say the least.

How Much Do Roller Hockey Pants Cost?

If you buy a brand new pair of roller hockey pants online you can expect to pay right around $100 after shipping. They're are going to last you for quite a while so consider them an investment.

If you buy them from an offline store they are going to cost you a bit more. You'll have the convenience of a real human being to answer you questions there, but you'll also pay for it by paying more for the pants. You can expect to pay in the $100 to $150 range for pants from a pro shop.

When you're setting out to find your pair of roller hockey pants you want to find a balance between price, style and comfort. You won't be taking quite the beating you would on the ice but you want to make sure you are protected. Couple that with the price you're going to pay for them and the style you choose, you have quite a few factors to consider.

When you're picking out the roller hockey pants you'll be wearing, make a good decision and you'll have a pair for a long time to come.