When you run a skating rink you will usually deal with a company that specializes in roller skating supplies. There are many companies that act as roller skating rink suppliers. Some of these companies are mainly regional but most of them will deal with you regardless of where your skating rink is located.

There is no need to limit yourself to one roller skating rink supplier as many roller skating rinks do. If you can get a better deal or like dealing with a different company more than you can. Usually there is nothing limiting you to which roller skating rink supplier company you use to supply your roller skating rink with the necessities.

Rental Roller Skates

Western Skate Supply

Western Skate Supply is still in business but there website has not been updated since 2005. The website might be crappy but they can get you some great roller skating rink supplies. I however would prefer to deal with a company that has a better website for the roller skating rink supplies they offer.

South Eastern Skate Supply

South Eastern Skate Supply can be found online at Seskate.com. As with most roller skating rink suppliers they deal with roller skating rinks only and do not sell to individuals that do not own, operate, or manage a roller skating rink.

Even if you do not own a roller skating rink you can find some great information on there website about starting up your own roller skating rink.

RC Sports

Rcsports.com offers a large selection of rental skates for sale. RC Sports also sells inline skates designed for the rental market at roller skating rinks. RC Sports services rental skates as well as selling components. If you need a nice blend of speed skates, traditional quad skates, and inline skates for your roller skating rink then RC Sports can help.

The website for RC Sports dis[lays the retail cost of most products. In order to see your wholesale cost for buying roller skates you must set up an account with RC Sports and then you can log in and you will be able to see your wholesale cost for the roller skates. Even though RC Sports displays the retail cost of each roller skate they DO NOT sell to the public. RC Sports will only sell to skating rinks that have set up an account with them.

National Skate Distributor

NationalSkate.com sells wholesale to skating rinks and other skating vendors. They have not only an extensive line of roller skates and inline skates but they also sell snowboards and skateboards. As with the other roller skating supply companies you can order a full range of products including bearings.

Midwest Skate

MidWestSkate.com is a very friendly company that has a huge range of skates and skating supplies. The owners and staff of MidWest Skate Supply are huge enthusiasts of roller skating. The love they have for roller skating is shown by there passion when helping you choose the right products for your skating rink.

MidWest Skate currently has a copy of there 2009 roller skating catalog online available for free to the general public. MidWest also has a few pairs of roller skates in size 15.

J & D Skate Supply

JdskateSupply.com is there website but it is horrendous. Quality products but there website sucks.

Once you have an account setup with a roller skating rink skate supplier you will be able to easily reorder an additional rental skates you may need. A good roller skating rink skate supplier will not only provide you with quality roller skates but they can also offer invaluable advice to help you build your skating rink business and make it even more profitable. Image Credit: (Flickr/MyklRoventine)