There are many websites for Roller Skater enthusiasts. Regardless of whether you like to skate recreationaly, speed skate, outdoor roller skating, or even like performing dance moves on roller skates there are many roller skate websites where you can connect with other roller skaters.

SkateLog has a lot of roller skating content to read about. You can also read and interact with other roller skaters on the SkateLog roller skating forums. SkateLog Forums has a huge number of posts dealing with all aspects of roller skating. From recreational skating, artistic skating, jam skating, outdoor free style skating, skate building advice, and much more.

Roller GirlSkateLog Forums is newby friendly. If you are new to roller skating or have not roller skated for many years then you can come and ask any questions you may have and receive expert advice for free.

When the skating rink closes and you are forced to go home then you can at least visit the SkateLog forums. It is a friendly environment to seek advice related to roller skating. SkateLog also has many people who ride inline skates. If you are an inline skater you will find the SkateLog forums to be just as friendly and informative as it is for the quad roller skaters.


YouTube has countless videos on roller skating. You can find everything from funny videos of roller skating to videos that show how to improve your skating techniques.

LowPriceSkates sells brand new roller skates at well, low prices. You can buy all types of roller skates but there sizing is very limited if you wear a large sized roller skate such as a size 15. If you wear a size 43 mens or smaller you will have a huge variety of roller skate syou can buy aqt great prices. An example of the low prices on roller skates is they currently sell the Riedell Torq Quad speed skate for $89.99 and it normally retails for around $200.00.


Wikipedia has a great article on roller skating as well as information on the various niches of roller skating such as speed skating and artistic skating.


I have wrote other articles about roller skating here on InfoBarrel and I hope we get other roller skating enthusiasts to write some more roller skating articles.

United States Amateur Roller Skating Association

The United States Amateur Roller Skating Association has a roller skating website that has a lot of historical genealogical information for great roller skaters of the past. The United States Amateur Roller Skating Association website is still looking for information on many great roller skaters of the past.

The hardcore roller skating enthusiast will be able to read about the history of roller skating as well as many people that helped make roller skating what it is today.

The National Museum Of Roller Skating is a website that has many cool features for roller skaters. This is the official website of the National Museum Of Roller Skating which is located in Lincoln, Nebraska. According to the National Museum Of Roller Skating:

"Professional speed skating reigned as one of the most popular spectator sports in the United States during the first two decades of the twentieth century. The public swarmed to see the professional tours and competitions. Attendance often reached well above 14,000. Sporting pages of all metropolitan dailies carried accounts of meets, as well as information on skaters."

Attendance to the museum is free so if you are in the area make sure you stop an visit.

BayCityBombers has a lot of information. On their training page they give you a lot of information about how to train for roller derby. Just because your are a great roller skater does not mean you will be a great roller derby racer. You will have to unlearn some of your roller skating techniques and learn new ones if you want to be a great skater at roller derby. is a great website if you are new to the world of Roller Derby and want to learn some basics as well as more advance roller derby techniques. You can find the roller derby training techniques


StyleSk8ters is a Ning based social network for roller skaters. You can meet with and network with other roller skaters. Many styles of roller skating is covered including artistic, dance, and jam skating.


RollerGames is another social network for roller skaters based on the NING network. RollerGames has a lot of information for roller derby skaters as well as a lot of great information for recreational roller skaters. There roller derby girls pictures, roller derby videos, and a lot of interesting information for roller derby enthusiasts.

Roller DerbyOther Roller Skating Websites

There are many other roller skating related websites on the internet. Regardless of your specific roller skating interests you can use Google and Bing to find many other roller skating websites. When you can not be skating around the rink then you can at least be reading about it to help hone your mental skills for the next time you do go roller skating.

The internet offers a great way for roller skaters to network with other roller skaters. If you move to a new town you can easily find the skating rink as well as other people to skate with by using the internet to network with other roller skaters. If you are looking to buy a pair of roller skates you can get some great advice online. There is so much roller skating information on the internet that there is no way that all of the websites can be covered. New roller skating sites are popping up everyday. Roller skating is such a fun sport and with the internet we can help the sport of roller skating grow faster. Roller skating use to be a huge spectator sport and with the recent resurgence of roller derby clubs around the nation the sport of roller skating can easily recapture the nations imagination as crowds of 10,000 plus watch sexy and athletically talented roller derby girls skate around a track in a large stadium.

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