Have You Ever Considered The Health Concerns of Carrying Backpacks?

There are a lot of reasons to buy rolling backpacks over traditional ones. Many orthopedic surgeons over the years have insisted that backpacks used by children should be limited to no more than 20 percent of their body weight in order to prevent scoliosis, back pain and other injuries.

Unfortunately, many students don’t have much of a choice in how much their backpacks weigh because of the amount of school textbooks and other items they must carry. This is especially true of middle school and high school students, because they have multiple teachers and classes. Rolling backpacks for school can help make these injuries never become a possibility.

Rolling Backpacks Are Available For Girls and Boys

Stephen Joseph Rolling Backpack LadybugRolling backpacks for girls and boys are great because they allow children of all ages to carry hefty homework assignments without putting the burden on their backs. Rolling backpacks also tend to have a lot more storage space than regular backpacks, although they can still be stored in many of the same places (lockers) that regular backpacks can.

Like regular backpacks, their rolling counterparts come in plenty of colors and designs for children. It is important that you get one for your child that looks like a backpack, rather than going for a large, plainly designed one that resembles an adult’s carryon luggage at the airport. For example, rolling backpacks for girls correspond with the latest fashion trends geared towards their generation. Popular TV and movie characters and images of toys are also commonly seen on rolling backpacks for girls.

Choosing the Best Rolling Backpack For Your Kid 

J World Rolling Backpack

Whether you are looking for rolling backpacks for girls or boys, the best ones have handles that adjust and are comfortable for people of all ages to hold (this is especially important if you want the backpack to last for a while).

Although popular TV characters can be tempting, it is unlikely that your child will want to use it even when they get to be just a few years older. For example, the J World brand has some great designs that can work for younger children and transition easily for older children. A J World rolling backpack is also very durable and comes with a functional and comfortable handle. Most even have laptop sleeves, which will be important when children become teens and even young adults.

As far as other brands go, Jansport backpacks also stand out in terms of quality. This brand is known for providing a variety of prints and colors. For example, some of the top selling Jansport rolling backpacks for girls come in leopard, zebra print, different shades of plaid and more.

Some options for boys come in camouflage and skater designs. L.L.Bean is also known for its quality rolling backpacks for girls and boys, and these ones are usually just as durable as they are fashionable. Get your child a good rolling backpack, and they’ll be able to use it for travel with the family and other purposes as well as school.

Where to Find Quality Rolling Backpacks

Stephen Joseph Girls Rolling BackpackYou can find wide selections of backpacks at nearby stores, such as in back to school specials at Target. If you are shopping age and gender-specific, there are plenty of rolling backpacks for girls at Target as well as ones for boys, and there are also ones that appeal to a variety of ages in addition to ones that are gender neutral in design. Jansport backpacks are also available at Target.

In more recent years, Pottery Barn Kids has also started to sell new models of durable children’s rolling backpacks. Their rolling backpacks for girls and boys are similar in design and print options to those from the J World, and they also have extra straps for security. Most importantly, these backpacks are designed to be comfortable for children to use.

Additional Factors To Consider Before Buying a Rolling Backpack

Before you go buy a rolling backpack for your kid, however, there are several outside factors you need to consider. For example, one of the most important factors is finding out whether schools have any rules regarding rolling backpacks.

Some schools actually prohibit them because of the space they can take up in hallways (overcrowded schools are the ones that tend to have these rules), and therefore the rolling backpacks are prohibited because of tripping hazards. Check with your principal or other school administrators if you have any questions.

Regardless of what kind of rolling backpack you are looking into, check out the load rating for each one you consider. Most of the aforementioned backpack brands produce models that do an excellent job of distributing weight evenly, but you still need to make sure that the one you select will suit your child’s needs.

Hello Kitty Large Rolling Backpack

Know that rolling backpacks work best on smooth surfaces, and therefore they do come with a few limitations. Although these backpacks function extremely well on sidewalks, pavement and school hallways, they can quickly become a problem if the student tries to cut through grass (especially tall grass) or gravel.

Extra caution should also be used when walking on snow or ice covered ground. Depending on the model of the backpack, even the narrow aisles between school desks or the seats of a standard school bus can be challenging to navigate. Imagine your child’s route to and from school every day before determining whether a rolling backpack is right for them. Have them practice walking with it beforehand.

Make sure the handle of the rolling backpack is long enough for your child to walk upright when pulling it— they should never be hunched over while pulling it, as this will just contribute to back problems and therefore work to defeat the entire purpose of getting them the bag in the first place.

If the handle does not adjust more than a foot or so, the backpack should ride about two inches above the child’s waist. Although a rolling backpack does have wheels, it may occasionally have to be carried (lifting up and down from lockers, bus steps, building steps, etc.). Therefore, make sure the shoulder straps of the backpack are padded and wide. It is still a backpack after all.