Tired of seeing your closet in a mess? Rolling garment racks help you solve your problems in arranging and storing your stuff. Also, transfer of many clothes is easier because these racks have wheels with them.

Garment racks in industry and commerce

Rolling garment racks are a big help in retail. If you happen to own a clothing manufacturing business, these racks are great for loading your finished pieces of clothing to be shipped to your customers. These make the job easier for your own forwarders and/or the trucking company you commissioned because of the wheels. Placing clothes on racks also makes their storage life longer. With racks, these articles of merchandise are neatly arranged and fixed so that these can be ready to sell by retailers even without fixing them up. In boxes, however, these clothes are stacked with other clothes – and boxes are also stacked with other boxes – which can damage the quality and the seams of clothes, thus making the sales of your deliveries to plummet and, eventually, your profit to decrease.

If you are on the retailer’s side, on the other hand, rolling garment racks help in selling merchandise quickly. As soon as the unloading of these stocks of apparel, you can actually sell your goods to prospective buyers. The customers can have a firsthand look of the latest designs even before you place them in their respective areas. Some articles can be sold before they are put out for sale, which is a good thing for the retailer. A quick sell earns the retailer more money in the shortest period of time possible; with respect to the “first in, first out” basis in selling, the extra time can be allocated for the sale of the succeeding stocks of merchandise. Storing these clothes in boxes require more time to open and arrange; you spend more time for the setup of these items and have less time for these to be exposed to the consumers. Of course, you can return the rolling garment racks to your supplier.

Home usage

At home, you can also use rolling garment racks as an additional means of storage for your clothes. Whether your closet is too small to accommodate your coats and shirts, or is just too full to welcome your extra clothes, garment racks are the right things for the job. Not only these racks create more storage space for you, but also these can help you in organizing your clothes neatly and actually saves enough time for you to attend to chores – rather than be busy fixing and arranging your clothes.

For people with a history of chronic back pains, rolling garment racks are great for moving stuff around the house while spending less energy than it is to carry heavy boxes. These racks enable the cumulative weight of their clothes and other stuff to be spread evenly to the wheeled foundations. The foundations can take the responsibility of lifting and the wheels in moving; therefore, you only have to exert less effort. By exerting less effort, people can prevent their back muscles from straining due to high amounts of physical stress.

In the laundry, you can use these rolling garment racks as a temporary -- or even permanent – storage for wet clothes. Because these clothes are soaked in water, these things are naturally heavier than dried ones. These racks hold your first batch of laundry while you are busy with another set. It is best to utilize these for thick coats and other clothes that are really heavy when wet. When all of these clothes are dry, it is simpler for you to fold, hang, and organize neatly; it can help you in ironing as you only have to worry about less wrinkles. Sometimes, you don’t have to iron these at all; instead you can roll straight to your closet.

The cons

The thing you have to worry about is the durability of the rolling garment racks. These racks have set weight limits, so think closely of the weight of your clothes before buying a rolling rack. Plastic and aluminum are the most common materials used in these racks; these are not particularly dependable in case of an overload. Chrome and stainless steel are recommended, and more durable, materials in choosing rolling garment racks.

Your own rolling garment rack

Many rolling garment racks are available in department stores, home improvement shops, and even in online retailers. Some of these are available in the foldable variety for easy transport; some are do-it-yourself models that require simple assembly. These racks can also be extended for longer pieces of clothing. Shopping in the Web is the easier approach, since you can scan for different models in just one sitting. Try to get discounted deals and those that promise free shipping. You can save more money if you do that. If you are in a store, it is best to inspect the rack and check its material. Remember that in purchasing racks, quality comes first before quantity.