The Glory of the RMS Titanic Resurrected The Royal Mail Ship Titanic, the pinnacle of achievement of the Gilded Age, reflected the extravagant displays of wealth and excesses of the era's upper class. Her opulence was unrivaled on sea and equaled the luxury of the best hotels on either side of The Pond. Even her third class cabins, reserved for the lower class and immigrants bound for America, surpassed the first class cabins of lesser vessels. The narrative of the tragic end of the Grand Dame of the Atlantic has been told and retold for over 100 years. Passed on like a priceless heirloom, it enthralls the next generation as if she sank during their lifetime. Her devoted admirers have clamored for the retrieval of her body 3840 meters under the ocean. They ache to raise her and see her sail again in epic glory. Her body remains in its resting but unsinkable life force has been resurrected by the Very Limited Edition Romain Jerome Titanic DNA watches. The Romain Jerome Titanic DNA watches are astonishing creations containing "Titanic DNA" - materials such as coal and rust that actually come from the ship. Yet there is more to the Romain Jerome Titanic DNA series that make them the ultimate collector's item. The bezel of the Romain Jerome Titanic DNA Day & Night, all nine of them, is made of stabilized oxidized steel from the Titanic. Its dial is tinted with vaporized coal collected from the holds of the ship. However, its boldest feature is its unthinkable concept for a watch. It does not display time. Instead, its steel and titanium case houses two Tourbillon cages on the foundation of a differential system. The Tourbillon Day spins during the twelve AM hours. The Tourbillon Night takes over once the PM hours begin. The Romain Jerome Titanic DNA by French artist André Chéca does tell time. Still, it is a radical departure from the standards of beauty of timepieces. Chéca used the traditional lost-wax casting technique to simulate the appearance of corroded metal salvaged from the depths of the ocean. Apart from its smooth and clean sapphire crystal, the watch appears to have reached its breaking point from the weight of immense sorrow. The form of its bronze case, strap and clasp appear tormented. Its anchor-shaped hands bent, as if shaped by pain. Nevertheless, the rusted metal cross on the dial, made from a blend of steel dusted with Titanic DNA, is a testimony of the ship's enduring imprint on humanity's memory. The Romain Jerome Titanic DNA Ala Grande's case is made of steel, black ceramic or 5N pink gold. The fully riveted oxidized bezel is a blend of authentic steel from the Titanic's wreck and from the Harland & Wolff shipyard in Belfast, where it was constructed. The dial is dusted with coal from the ship while its steel hands were inspired by the Titanic's anchor. With only 2,012 pieces available, the Romain Jerome Titanic DNA Ala Grande it is one of the most sought after watches on the planet. History may repeat itself but there will never be another RMS Titanic. The Queen is dead. For the privileged few who possess a Romain Jerome Titanic DNA watch, she is resurrected. Long live the Queen.