Let's face it; the online dating scene can rough. Countless members are competing against each other for that special someone, and it can be difficult to have your voice heard. Marketing is everything, and for this reason many are finding greater success in working with blogs instead of relying solely on personal profiles. It's a trend that's been growing enormously over the past decade, and in this article I'll explain why you too should join the ranks of writers who have found romance in the business of ideas.

In the Internet's early beginnings, starting a blog was a relatively complicated endeavor; you often had to understand advanced coding and own your own server, making the process very tedious to say the least. Today, anyone can be a blogger with relatively little experience in programming as there are countless websites that rent out web space for free while providing very intuitive software tools to manage your blog's looks and contents. Sites with greater freedom over your blog may charge a premium. yet even then it can be remarkably cheap. For instance, having your site hosted can be as little as a couple of dollars a month; that's not bad given that you can tailor your pages to include custom graphics, special layouts and Java scripts, assuming you have the right know-how of course. Additionally, computers are far cheaper and more powerful now than they ever were before, allowing you to operate a personal server without breaking the bank for that ultimate flexibility.

These developments in technology and commerce have led to a firestorm of bloggers everywhere discussing topics in everything from food to entertainment, so it's not surprising that many have found dating partners from doing just that. When bloggers publish their work, major search engines "crawl" their submissions and index them in their databases according to relevance and popularity. Eventually, this enables any blog to be discovered by curious readers throughout the world, making the potential dating pool far larger than a personal profile (which tends to be limited to the particular site to which it's hosted anyway). In this sense, blogs are journals that are way out in the open instead of hiding in a digital corner hoping to be noticed.

Lastly, there is one side of blogging that, alone, blows online profiles virtually out of the water: Profitability. Not only do you maximize your chances of networking with like-minded professionals in your career path, as a blogger you also have a modest means of generating income through advertisement clicks, leased ad space and page impressions from visitors, depending on how your business model is set up. If you're clever, you can even earn a hefty salary that comes in handy whether you meet someone or not, which can look great on a business card or resume. Compare that to the alternative where you have utterly no chance of being monetarily rewarded for your efforts. Sure, money may not buy love but it does feel good when you have it!

As of this moment, online dating is undergoing a revolution. People everywhere are discovering that they don't have to depend on bland methods of communicating to land a relationship and instead are embracing blogging as an affordable, effective, creative and lucrative solution. It's the social wave of the future, and you'll be doing yourself a favor by taking this opportunity for what it is.