One of the many dogs at Our Friends Dog Rescue
Credit: Our Friends Dog Rescue

For animal lovers, and any human being who detests the suffering of any living creature, no-kill animal shelters are exceptional endeavors to foster an environment that celebrates life and community. There are others, unfortunately, who want to tear down those walls and maintain a society based on unadulterated greed and corruption, where profit guides every action. It is time to fortify our resistance efforts and stand up to cruelty and oppression. Every living thing is precious, and this is the motto by which Our Friends Dog Rescue abides.

What Happens To Stray Dogs In Romania?

Unfortunately, the majority of stray dogs in Romania are subjected to a harsh life. Pounds and dogcatchers are one of the primary culprits that are denying stray dogs the chance to live a normal and healthy life. Greed is guiding the actions of people who are supposed to be responsible for helping defenseless creatures. Instead, they have chosen to turn a profit at the expense of the suffering of the dogs.

There is a system in Romania that simply does not function the way it should. Dog pounds are provided funds to spray, neuter and feed the dogs. However, these funds are not allocated to the intended cause. If the dogs are neutered, they cannot breed. If they cannot breed, this limits the amount of funds and eventual profit of the killing pounds. The more stray dogs there are, the more money comes in, and these so-called shelters are able to get away with torture and murder. Instead of taking care of the animals, they pocket the funds and embark on a killing spree, and this vicious circle of inhumane treatment continues unregulated.

Another of the many dogs at Our Friends Dog Rescue
Credit: Our Friends Dog Rescue

Support Needs To Be Generated

The first step, to generate mass public support for this noble cause, is already underway. A heartwarming video has been made that appeal to the public. It can be found on Our Friends Dog Rescue website, along with an array of useful information on the organization. A Facebook page has been opened to raise awareness of the impending plight of these dogs. In addition, there are petitions that can be found on the website.

A petition won’t change the minds of Romanian authorities, and it won’t stop the actions currently being taken to remove the animals and staff from the location. However, if a lot of signatures are obtained, this means that people throughout the world are expressing their support for a common cause. This serves as an important factor of motivation, which will hopefully further compel people to make a donation.

Imagine if the money is not raised on time? Many dogs that were rescued from the pounds will have to return there. At Our Friends, these dogs underwent an emotional and physical healing process. It would be extremely cruel if they have to be snatched from an environment where people worked to rebuild their trust. Thus, we urge people to spread this important message along, which will generate further interest and will hopefully lead to the safe relocation of the dogs at Our Friends Dog Rescue.

Wont you please help?
Credit: Our Friends Dog Rescue

How Does Your Donation Help?

Regardless of how little you are able to donate, it is a significant contribution. The point is that the concerted effort that is currently underway continues unabated. Your contribution, no matter the amount, means that Our Friends is one step closer to preserving the lives and wellbeing of over 300 dogs.

Individuals have a natural instinct to help and protect other living things, especially when they are suffering and denied basic needs necessary for survival. This is your opportunity to help Our Friends Dog Rescue, so that the staff can continue caring for these animals. Animal welfare is not something that should be considered unimportant. Animals are living things, which suffer and feel pain, just like human beings. If we take the time and deeply consider the consequences that many soon befall these precious dogs if enough money is not raised, then we can accelerate the momentum that has already begun.

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