The setting is key, and there are many factors to take into consideration. This might seems obvious, but a check on the weather forecast is in order if you plan to dine in the great outdoors. Enjoying the natural surroundings is relaxing, but only if a sudden rainstorm or an extremely windy day doesn’t interrupt your meal. It is also equally important to take the time of day into consideration. The temperature in the same location can change dramatically throughout the day. If you plan on dining in a park, be sure to check if the location has certain operating hours. While parks are a traditional daytime picnic setting, there are many other choices. Consider a nearby beach, where you can relax during the day, or choose to dine by bonfire during the night. For those seeking convenience and perhaps more privacy, picnics at home can be equally romantic. Set up in the backyard on a sunny day, or on the floor of the living room for a cozy night. What makes the picnic setting romantic is that it differs from your everyday choices of dining at a restaurant or at the dining table. 

Food and Drink

Choice of food and drink varies greatly depending on preferences, allergies and atmosphere. The simplest method is to prepare the foods ahead of time, or purchase prepared foods from local delis or grocers. Simple spreads are another great alternative, and choices can include fresh bread, crackers, cheeses, dips, cold cuts, crudités, and pre-washed fruit. The key is to keep the logistics minimal so that you can focus on each other’s company. Drinks can vary from water, sparkling water, fresh juices or sparkling cider. Consider hot chocolate, hot cider or tea in a thermos for an evening picnic or for a cozier atmosphere. 

Other Essentials

A greater effort put into preparation will lead to a seamlessly romantic date. Don’t forget to pack the following: blanket or towel to sit on, napkins or paper towels, cups or stemware, plates and any necessary utensils. You can also consider which of the following would contribute to the mood you are trying to create: small music player, candles and candle holders, lighter, flowers, board games, playing cards or books.