Maybe you and your date have been out on countless dinners but you want to impress her with something new. Or perhaps you have one shot with the hottest thing around, and you want to be remembered for your creative dinner date! Whatever your reason, these are some of the most romantic dinner dates you will ever encounter.

Picnic Under the Stars
Having a beautiful picnic under the stars is one of the most romantic dinners you could ever plan. Put together all you need for a picnic, and arrange it all in an elegant basket. Grab a few blankets and head for the great outdoors! Don't forget to bring along a mosquito coil for those warm nights, or an extra quilt for those cold ones. Find a secluded place where the view of the stars is perfect. Bring along a map of the constellations and a small telescope to make the evening complete.

Dinner Above the Clouds
Want to get really creative? Take your date to new heights! Plan a ride on a "blimp" or charter a private plane to take you up above the clouds. This is a rather expensive option, so make sure you know what you're getting into when you go "all out" like this. Reserve this special romantic date for those moments when you are planning memories that last a lifetime - like that long-awaited proposal.

Dinner in…Darkness?
Having dinner in the dark is becoming more and more popular, especially in big cities. The idea is that losing one of your senses sharpens the others. Thus, if you can't see your food, you will be more likely to taste the subtle nuances you might have once ignored. Besides that, dinner in darkness means that naughty things could happen! Look for a dark restaurant near you and plan to light up the evening with a new and unique brand of romance.

Romantic Dinner and a Movie
Dinner and a movie…but not just any movie! Recapture the spirit of your childhood by taking your date to a drive-in theater. The best ones have a grill going all night long, so indulge in those greasy fries and loaded-with-cheese burgers. Sit back and watch the movie from the comfort of your car, and talk about the times you enjoyed drive-in movies as a kid. It's a romantic evening she is sure to remember!

Going Old School
Want to go seriously old school for your romantic ideas? Take the train! Modern trains have nothing on the charm and beauty of the old boxcars. Many restaurants have found their niche in refurbished Pullman cars. Enjoy the scenery as you dine on exquisite food from time periods past. Dress up in your best and let the history sweep you away!