Relaxed Weekend in California

 The Victorian mansion has witnessed the romanticism and tragedy of history.

It was built in 1888 as a private rest house. For years, it became a hub of laughter, fun, adventures, and other family memories. However, the decision to open it to public for couples and families to enjoy allowed it to compile even more memories of love and happiness. The Victorian Mansion has an aura of "home" that makes visitors feel comfortable. In fact, many of them have become regulars, making the Victorian Mansion their home away from home.


Indoor Activities in the Victorian Mansion

Staying in the mansion already offers opportunities for many activities. The mansion itself is the ideal place for a more relaxed vacation for couples. You can lounge around the Victorian flower gardens. You can play a game or two of tennis and check out the antique automobile collection. Then end your day in the spa. After dinner, you can sit down and have a first-hand experience of classic entertainment by watching silent movies before heading to bed.

You can also try some Victorian board games. These are a little different from your classic monopoly and snake and ladders game. The mere discovery and learning of these games is an instant subdued adventure in itself.

Outdoor Activities in the Victorian Mansion

There are two activities, though, that would put your vacation into a whole new level. The Back-Country Wilderness Safari will take you to an unknown world of forest wilderness, prairie grasslands, and isolated homesteads of Humboldt County. It is accessible by a four-wheel vehicle. You can bring your own or rent one at Abigail's Elegant Victorian Mansion.

The drive will allow you to retrace the memories of the longest running mountain ridge of Redwood, Spruce and Fir forests for seven hours. This is a photo opportunity of a lifetime. The tour will allow you to stop anytime you want, either to simply take in the magnificent view, take photos or feed your curiosity by examining more closely the things that you see around. You will cross the Eel River at Fernbridge, and the historic Mattole Road.

Lunch and picnic food and set up is ready at your disposal. So if you find a spot that you think is fitting for a couple of minutes of stop while you nourish yourself, you will be free to do so.

You can also try the Mountain Wilderness Chalet. It is a more secluded retreat with Redwood trees, Fir & Pine trees, grass meadows, and Mountain Oak trees. It offers trails you can hike and walk. You will have to do your own cooking and buy your own ingredients but basic condiments and cooking materials will be ready at your disposal.

Final Words

The mansion is located in California's rugged North Coast and giant Redwood forests. It is and ideal spot for a laid back weekend getaway. If you're a couple seeking a vacation that will allow you to just spend time with each and rest, this is the place for you. If you're a family with children, this place will give you a lot of activities to do without the dangers found in other outdoor vacation spots. 


Abigail's Elegant Victorian Mansion

Abigail's Elegant Victorian Mansion