Romantic Getaway Place in California

A vacation has never been this romantic.


The Farmhouse Inn, Restaurant & Spa in Sonoma County captures the sweetest ambiance for falling in love. The architecture is like a time machine that moves you back in the day when mass singing in rustic barns were the ultimate journey to happiness.


All of 18 rooms magically combine the rustic architecture with chic designs ensuring that any couple of any age finds a tempting space to do nothing but lounge on their soft bed and relax. But the Jacuzzi that is obviously built for two people to share, a steam room shower, and radiant heating floors will make it impossible for any couple to pass a chance for some romantic bath especially when you know you can choose any scrubs and soap laid out to you for your own choosing.


Although the bed will seduce you to sleep, the food at The Farmhouse Inn & Spa will surely perk you to get up. You will be treated to an organic and sustainably farmed fruits and vegetables meal. They also offer sumptuous dishes. What makes it even more special is their commitment to rely on what is seasonal so you are assured that whatever you end up ordering, you will be getting it at its best quality. There are salmon, baby lamb, pea shoots, heirloom tomatoes, herbs, and fresh cheese.


There are over 120 wineries near the area and you will be free to choose which one you want to visit but Martinelli, Gary Farrell and Lymar are highly recommended.


You can go for a bit more exercise and try hiking or biking in the Giant Redwoods. You can pack your own picnic basket, don’t forget the wine, and lounge under the majestic arms of the giant trees. If you are a water lover, there is the Russian River where you can canoe or kayak, hike and set up a picnic area for you to share some bite and get some tan.


I also will advise you to never miss the whale watching in Sonoma Coast. There are more than 20,000 mystical gray whales and they are highly visible during the months of December and January. You can catch a glimpse from the Gualala Point and Stillwater Regional Parks.


The Farmhouse Inn, Restaurant & Spa is not just an ideal romantic getaway place, it is also perfect for wedding and honeymoons. Their garden seems to open to the world and the horizon blends the land with the sky. There is nothing more romantic than exchanging vows under the vastness of the clear sky. 


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