There are many romantic gifts for men for a birthday or Christmas that will bring a smile to almost any face, including that of your boyfriend or husband.  While some of the ideas mentioned in this article may not initially strike you as being of the romantic type, if you use your imagination, you can come up with reasons they could really be a nice addition, even for a man who has everything already.  Let’s take a look at some of the better gift ideas for the man in your life, which could be given to him on his anniversary, birthday, or even for Christmas.  Take a look and see which ones will work for you.

Hammock for Two

This might not sound like the most romantic thing you can imagine.  A hammock is for relaxing and taking it easy.  However, a hammock made for two could be a great way for you to spend a little time in the shade with your boyfriend in a cool, shady place during the hot summer months.  The two of you, as a couple, could share a nice rest together.  You can find them under $50, especially during the winter months, when many are clearance priced.

Send Him Flowers

It’s not just for girls.  Most men would like to have flowers sent to them at their work.  As a man, I can attest that I would think that was a very sweet gesture.  I’ve never had it done for me, and I’m sure I’d get some static from my coworkers, but at the same time, I know I would really appreciate the thought.  Even a burly guy needs to know that he’s cared about and loved.  You can do this for under $25 and they don’t have to be roses.

Sensual Massage Kit

You can buy these for under $20 and they can really set the mood.  While most people think a massage would be appropriate for a woman, I can assure you, most men would like to be pampered and rubbed on by their loved one.  It would be a great way for the two of you to connect and would definitely be a romantic option to keep in mind.

Showerhead Built for Two

Yes, you can buy these.  The over-under option doesn’t make much sense, but the side by side option sure does.  If you cannot figure out how something like this would be romantic, you’re not really using you mind and imagination very well. From personal experience, however, I can tell you that just having something like this isn’t enough – you have to actually commit to using it with him every so often. These are available for around $60 and up.

Silk or Satin Underwear

For around $30, you can find a nice, quality set of silk underwear for a man.  While most men don’t want to admit they like the frilly things, the silky soft feel of the underwear on a man’s most private areas are sure to be appreciated.  Don’t laugh at this one – give it a try.

Satin Sheets

They are super soft and luxurious.  When you are laying on them, they feel like they are softly gliding under you as you move around.  They are very comfy and really can set the mood.  Light a few candles and play some soft music.  You have a recipe for a great night of fun.

 Homemade Romantic Gifts for Men

Okay, maybe you are on a very tight budget and you cannot afford to even spend $10 on a gift for your husband or boyfriend.  You have some free options to consider.  The following list of options can be handmade for nothing, using only items you have in the house right now and your imagination.

Love Letter Jar:  Put together a jar and make a nice looking label for it that says something about your love for your man.  Include several love notes to him, thanking him for things he’s done for you, telling him you appreciate him, complimenting him, and recalling special memories you have with your significant other.  You might be surprised at just how touched even a burly guy will get as he reads them.

Homemade Coupon Book:  You have a lot of options to keep in mind.  You could have one for a massage, one for taking a bath together, and one that’s just too juicy to write about on this site.  Use your imagination a little and go out on a limb with this one.  Your boyfriend will appreciate the gesture and will surely like the coupon book you make for him.  This could easily be the best birthday, anniversary, or Christmas present he gets all year.

Memory Lane:  Take a walk down memory lane by making a scrapbook of your time together or by recalling special occasions in writing.  You can get your guy in the mood and get him feeling all warm and fuzzy this way.  Guys want to know that you enjoy your time with them, so be sure to include a little bit of info about your feelings and thoughts as you made the memories together.  Put yourself out there with this one for your husband and really make sure he knows how much you appreciate your time with him.

Pick a Prize:  Put together a jar with several pieces of paper on them.  On the paper, prior to adding to the jar, write down something you’ll do for your man.  It can be as adult oriented as you want it to be.  One could be for a massage, one for a night of passion, etc.  The only limit you have is your imagination.  Let your guy draw his prize from the jar every so often until all the prizes are gone.  It will add some intrigue and set the stage for a lot of fun.  Get a little crazy with this one, but be sure to follow through and make good on anything he draws from the jar.  Nothing could be worse than drawing something and hearing “I have a headache” once it’s read.