Romance means something different for men and women. Typically a woman will want more than a man delivers. He figures if he makes one romantic move a year he is doing his job in the relationship. She thinks once a month is pushing it. One way to put more romance back into any relationship for both is buying him a romantic gift. This tells him where your mind is and reminds him that once a year is never enough and get on the job.

Deciding what kind of gift to get your special man is a tough decision. There are literally hundreds of choices that go through your mind of what fits.  These are some of the best ones to choose from. Some are practical while others are fun. Most are fairly reasonably priced and convey your special interest in him and lets him know where your thoughts are.


A ticket for any event he shows an interest in says a lot about how you feel about him. If he is a sports fan, send him to see one of his favorite teams play. Whether baseball or football catches his eye, buy a pair of tickets for him. The first ticket is for him and if you enjoy sports, the second one is for you. Although numerous couples will not see the romance in this type of setting, sporting fans will. If this is not your venue, let him take a buddy along. This is his special present.

Another idea along this same route is tickets to see a play or music concert. Remember, this is for what he enjoys. Keep this idea in mind when making the choice of which one to attend.

Music concerts are wonderful for a couple that has the same taste in music. A lot of casinos have nostalgic bands that perform. Couples looking for romance in music they remember from years ago should invest in these events. Generally the cost is minimal with a nice dinner included.

A ring

Men wear jewelry and many like it. A ring is a brilliant idea for men that sport jewelry. Make it a simple one with a little uniqueness or individuality to it. Some are designed to include things like dragons or skulls and have engravings like crossbones. Make it special and individualized for his taste.

Do not go as far as elaborate diamonds or anything ostentatious. This will put him in a panic imagining you want to engage in revisiting your vows or he missed an anniversary. Basically you want something small and personal enough for him to enjoy and think of you when he looks at it on his finger.


A hammock is a work of art. This gift says you value him and he deserves a rest for all he does. Install it in the backyard or on the front porch and watch him relax. These are typically large enough for you to fit in next to him from time to time. This is a loving gift worth buying.

Shaving kit

This is a personal gift that is also practical. All men shave. Even men who wear a mustache or goatee need to shave to keep it neat and looking good. A shaving kit is a wonderful way to get up close and personal with your beau.

Get a kit with everything included they need for shaving. There are some wonderful ones that include gels that add moisture and cut down on irritation of the skin. These are terrific. You want that baby smooth shaved cheek next to yours. This will give you an excuse to see how close and soft his cheek is after using your gift.


Lots of men have a favorite movie. If you are fortunate enough to buy his favorite movie on DVD, do not pass the chance up.

No matter what the movie plot or storyline you will be able to cuddle up on the sofa with him and watch it. Getting close to him while he watches a movie he loves is priceless. This gift conveys you are paying attention to the small details and know him well.

In conclusion

Romance means different things to both sexes. Though, overall part of that definition is things like a flirty attraction, an intimacy two people will share and displays of affection. Convey these things when you buy him a gift that says something romantic. These are ideas to point you in the right direction to make that happen.

Choosing the right gift means knowing the person you are buying for. These are wonderful ideas to put romance back in the picture

Choosing the right gift means knowing the person you are buying for. These are wonderful ideas to put romance back in the picture