Discover Different Definitions Of Love

Incredible India

Romance is ingrained in the spirit, soul and soil of India. Every region of the country is known for its romantic folklores and legends that are still very much a part of India’s culture. Different stories of love, sacrifice and tributes form and support the essence of these romantic accounts. During a tour to this cultural country, you can discover the soul of love through a visit to such palaces, forts, monuments and even tomb dedications where such passionate romances bloomed. Romantic Golden Triangle Tour is one such expression where tourists can experience the love accounts that happened in the past and explore the remnants of such historical legends through a romantic sightseeing.
Delhi is the gateway city from where you will begin the romance of this journey. This heritage city represents a tender affair where past coexists beautifully with the present, ensuring a promising future. Such is the jovial experience of Delhi, the city of big hearted people that will make you fall in love with quixotic bazaars, step-wells, forts and heritage structures. This city’s modern affair can be experienced with its love for sky scrapers, malls and other entertainment options where tourists can experience the best this city has to offer. During this romantic escapade, the New and Old Delhi fuses together and creates a surreal experience for you. This contrasting city will warm you up with its different shades of heritage and even surprise you many times with its cosmopolitan culture. Such is the verve of Delhi that can be experienced during a visit to this ancient city modern in character.
The second destination during this romantic escapade, Agra is equated with the soft emotion of love worldwide due to a tribute. This tribute is Taj Mahal, one of the most visited monuments in the world. Even though the story associated with this monument is a gloomy tale of separation, still tourists consider it as an ode to ethereal love beyond the cycle of life and death. Taj Mahal, the face of India worldwide is a tomb tribute by Shah Jahan, fourth Indian Mughal ruler for his wife, Arjumand Bano or Mumtaz Mahal. She was considered an epitome of grace and beauty and was the beloved wife of the king. Due to her sudden demise, the Emperor felt shattered and one day he decided to craft an ode for her. Since he was blessed with great architectural sensibilities, he decided to create a memorial for her which later came to be known as Taj Mahal worldwide. A visit to this monument is considered one of the ultimate expressions of love inviting millions of couples to be photographed with Taj Mahal as a testimony to their love.
The third vertex of this romantic golden triangle, Jaipur presents another definition of love that is hidden in its royal roots. This Pink City is draped in the soft emotion of love and royalty that can be experienced through an illustrious visit to this destination. The dreamy backdrop of Rajasthan forts create a perfect setting for a love affair to bloom. A visit to Amber Fort revives the dream of romancing the royal fort in this romantic pink city. The affair with Jaipur is enhanced with a visit to Hawa Mahal, where the erstwhile queens used to keep an eye on the royal processions without being seen by the strangers on the street.
This signature journey of romantic golden triangle tour has everything to make you fall in love with the best of India and its incredibly romantic heritage. To have more of such handpicked experiences, just begin your incredible India tour.