The Perfect Valentine Gift: Romantic Pillow Cases For Couples

Romantic Pillowcases Send a Message of Love

Romantic pillow cases are romantic because they carry a message, but also because - well, because they're pillow cases. If you can give a Valentine's day gift of pillow cases for couples with a message of love and romance, then you are a lucky person. Why? Because you share a space with a lover in which two pillows can be used, and can be so close as to be touching. You will go to sleep together on those pillows, and you will wake up in the morning and look into each other's faces and say, good morning - I love you.

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The situation in which you can give or receive the gift of romantic pillow cases is indeed a rare one. Not because being in love is so rare, but because being in love that lasts is rare. A romantic pillowcase can be found with simple messages of love, many not even expressed verbally. But it is the simplest messages that become necessary and should be common when love is mature, when it's satisfiying to walk slowly, not skipping or running, but strolling and drinking in the surroundings and passing days like wine.

Credit: Amazon

There are even body pillow cases for Valentine's Day or any day of the year

There's a symbolism too in the romantic pillow cases snuggling up next to each other on the bed, as close as can be, but also separate, inhabiting the same universe but proceeding through it as two entitities, each with its own shape, scent, little blemishes, and overall defining character. You know how odd it seems when you can recognize your own pillow even though it seems identical to the one next to it? There's something deep in that - the hint that while we live in our own individual worlds, but we travel together even so, and share things that we don't know and couldn't know on our own.

Finally, a pair of romantic pillow cases guarantees that both heads are lying on the same material, made in the same way, and feeling the same on the skin. The pillows so encased may well be different, but because the cases are alike, they caress each lover in the same way. Again, the profundities are there, right beneath the surface of the romantic pillow cases.

Happy Valentine's Day!