Have you ever considered planning a romantic rendezvous with your “main squeeze” but didn’t know quite where to begin?  Arranging an intimate setting for romance requires the right atmosphere and mood.  Playing sexy music will help pave the way for that amorous evening.

Incorporating romantic songs into your tryst can do wonders to ignite the passion in your relationship and this list provides 15 of the most romantic songs ever! All of them are steamy ballads, overflowing with sensual lyrics and melodies, they’re all hot but a few sizzle more than others.

These tunes are so good they’re not just reserved for the boudoir; I’ve got them on my iPod and listen to them almost everywhere!  I will warn you however, people may give you strange looks if you sing or mouth the words while in public or if your cell phone rings and you have one as the ringtone.  I know because I was foolhardy enough to use one as my husband’s ringtone.  But it’s worth it because romantically, these songs are the crème de la crème!

So, take a moment to look-over the list then go to your preferred music site and take a listen, pick your favorites and get your romantic party started!


Romantic Songs ~ A List of 15 Sizzling Hot Tunes


Turn Off The Lights by Teddy Pendergrass – The Essential Teddy Pendergrass

Slow, soulful and a definite scorcher! Sexiest lyrics: “Let’s take a shower, shower together, I’ll wash your body if you wash mine. Rub me down with some hot oil baby and I’ll do the same thing to you, just turn off the lights…”



RS4 (40166)

Love Won’t Let Me Wait by Luther Vandross – Always & Forever The Classics

This song just oozes intimacy! Sexiest lyrics:“I need your love so desperately and only you can set me free, when I make love to you we’ll explode in ecstasy…”



RS5 (40167)

Let Me Make Love To You by The O’Jays – The Ultimate O’Jays

The title says it all! Sexiest lyrics: Just let me make love to you…I’ll make every little thing alright, Honey you’ll never forget this night…”




I Want You by Marvin Gaye – Number 1’s: Marvin Gaye

Sensual rhythms with captivating lyrics, this song is “delicious!” Sexiest lyrics: “It’s too bad, it’s just too sad; you don’t want me now, but I’m gonna change your mind, someway, somehow. Oh baby, I want you…”




Love Ballad by LTDLTD Greatest Hits

So romantic, this song is irresistible! Sexiest lyrics: “Loving you gave me something new that I've never felt, never dreamed of.  Something's changed, no it's not the feeling I had before, and oh it's much, much more…”




Close The Door by Teddy Pendergrass - The Essential Teddy Pendergrass

At the pinnacle of his career the name “Teddy Pendergrass” was synonymous with sex and this song is just one of the many reasons why.  Sexiest lyrics: “Close the door, let me give you what you’ve been waiting for, Baby I’ve got so much love to give and I want to give it all to you…”



I’ll Always Love You by Taylor Dayne – Platinum & Gold Collection

Taylor Dayne sings captivating lyrics with a smooth and soulful style. Sexiest lyrics: “I’ll always love you, honey this will never end. I need you by my side baby; you’re my lover, my friend…”




Because It’s Really Love by Luther Vandross – Give Me the Reason

Sung by the ultimate crooner, this ballad is the definition of romance! Sexiest lyrics: “And now we know our love is ever so true; I think we know it cause you feel the way I do. I can’t imagine me without you my dear and I’m so glad about the reason that you are here…”



Lady of Magic by Maze Featuring Frankie Beverly - Maze

Soulful and charming, this song has just the right amount of romance.  Sexiest lyrics: “She came along when I was down, through thick and thin she’s been around and ooh I’m really glad I found – my lady, my lady of magic…”




Come Go With Me by Teddy Pendergrass – The Essential Teddy Pendergrass

Alluring and seductive, this tune can definitely set the “mood.” Sexiest lyrics: “Let’s take a sip of some cold, cold wine and dance to the music nice and slow, you won’t be under any kind of pressure, we can just let the evening flow…”



Since I Fell For You by Al Jarreau, Bob James& David Sanborn – Best of Smooth Jazz

A slow jazzy tune with smooth vocals, this song can take you on a sentimental journey. Sexiest lyrics: “When you just give love and never get love, you'd better let love depart, I know it's so and still I know, I can't get you outa my heart…”



Whip Appeal by Babyface – Tender Lover

Wonderfully irresistible, this one is delightfully catchy. Sexiest lyrics: “Cause we got a way of talking and it’s better than words! It’s the strangest kind of relationship but it always works…”





This Masquerade by George Benson – The Best of George Benson

Rhythm and blues with a touch of jazz, added to softly sung lyrics make this a tantalizing romantic tune. Sexiest lyrics: “To understand the reasons why we carry on this way; we’re lost in a masquerade...”



Let’s Get It On by Marvin Gaye – Let’s Get It On              

This is one of Marvin Gaye’s most popular songs, loaded with passion! Sexiest lyrics: “There’s nothing wrong with me loving you baby and giving yourself to me can never be wrong, if the love is true…”



RS4 (40166)

A House Is Not A Home by Luther Vandrose – Always & Forever The Classics

Engrossing and poetic, this song is filled with emotion.  An eloquent balled sung by one of the best romantic vocalist ever! Sexiest lyrics: “Darling have a hart; don’t let one mistake keep us apart. I’m not meant to live alone, turn this house into a home…”



There you have it, 15 romantic and sizzling hot tunes to help fill your “love tank!”

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