Views to Take your Breath Away on Tanzania Safaris

Share something truly special with your loved one by seeing the most spectacular visions in the world available to you on Tanzania safaris. Stand in the edge of the world, or so it seems, on the rim of the Ngorongoro Crater, which plunges 600m down into the volcanic crater full of wildlife and beautiful landscapes spread across the vista below. Or fly high in a hot air balloon above the Serengeti National Park and enjoy a champagne breakfast as millions of animals stampede below you. If you're really adventurous, feel like king and queen in the clouds at the top of Mount Kilimanjaro, overlooking the world below. Tanzania safaris offer the chance to do something amazing, and what better way to enjoy that than to share it with someone you love?

Romantic Beaches Away From it All

The islands of the Zanzibar Archipelago are the perfect paradises for a romantic holiday: gorgeous beaches, crystal-blue seas, world-renowned diving and beautiful old cities just waiting for you to get lost in amongst the meandering alleys and age-old spice markets, all combine to offer you the perfect relaxation following more gruelling Tanzania safaris. Zanzibar island is packed full of luxury resorts and hotels just made to spoil you, or, if you fancy something more private, give one of the lesser-known islands a try. Mnemba Island is a particularly exclusive and private choice, as this tiny island offers some of the most hopelessly romantic private beaches love’s young dream could ever hope for from Tanzania safaris.  

Search for the Elusive African Violets on your Tanzania Safaris

Why are flowers not more regularly hunted on Tanzania safaris? Of the 23 different species of African violet, 19 can be found in Tanzania, and four of these in the Amani Nature Reserve, making this the perfect place to look for them growing wild in their natural habitat. Several gentle guided hikes, from just ten minutes to four hours, are available to take you to find these flowers, passing though beautiful rainforests filled with the birdsong of over 350 different species of birds. The most evocative walks take place at night, when the forest comes alive, but in the daytime the views of the Lwrenga Valley and its nearby waterfalls are also well worth seeing. You can even buy butterflies are the nearby Amani Butterfly Project – flowers, butterflies and birdsong: one of the most simple and romantic of Tanzania safaris on offer.