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We all know that those 3 words "I love you" is definitely 1 of the romantic things to say to your boyfriend at night, in fact not just at night, but it's something that you need to say to him throughout the day. A good relationship needs to be taken care of, to be nurtured and it takes two people to make a romantic relationship work.

When you are in a relationship, it's easier to remember to say something sweet to your partner in the morning, but at the end of the day, you feel tired from the demands of the day, and you forget to say something that will end your boyfriend's day on a high note.

Here are some of the most romantic things that you can say to your man before retiring for the day.

>>>> Thank you for helping me…As women we want our boyfriends to be more involved in domestic duties, we get upset when they don't help to take out the trash, yet when they do pitch in to help we either criticize them or we fail to acknowledge their assistance. It will mean a lot to your boyfriend to look at him in the eye tonight, and thank him sincerely for helping with the dishes for that day. That kind of compliment will encourage him to offer his assistance again in the future.

>>>> I love the way you embrace me when we’re in bed…There is nothing that strokes a man's ego that knowing his girlfriend loves it when he's being affectionate towards her, and if you want to experience more of that affection, then compliment the brother more on a job well done.

>>>> Gosh you are sexy…Anytime you compliment a man about his looks, you are stroking his ego, and that compliment also enforces the knowledge in him that you still find him attractive. Complimenting him on how he looks might lead to a steamy night of love making, as he will be propelled to show you just how sexy he really is. 

>>>> What did I do to deserve you…Of all the romantic things to say to your boyfriend at night, don't forget to tell him the above statement. A man loves know that he's your best, make him feel special by enforcing the fact that you don't know what you did to deserve a man like him, and he will remember to be his best for you every day.

>>>> You just look at me and I shiver… Your boyfriend will appreciate to know that he has that type of effect on you. It will encourage him to give you more of his attention and he will do so purposely as he will remember that the way he looks at you affects you that way.

>>>> Do that to me again…This statement is self-explanatory. It especially should be applicable to your love making sessions; nowhere does a man feel more masculine than in the knowledge that he satisfies his girlfriend sexually. Raise your man's masculinity by letting him know he satisfies you sexually, and he will repeat all the things that leave you with your toes curled and asking for more.

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>>>> I am here for you…Telling your boyfriend you are here for him is 1 of the romantic things to say to your boyfriend at night. Reassuring him that he can count on your support at all times is very comforting to him. Remember that when he counts the people who are in his corner, you're probably the 2nd person after his parents, so reassure him that he can count on you at all times.

>>>> I love you…Yes, as overrated as that statement is, it's the number 1 statement that every person who's in a relationship wants to hear from their significant other, and your boyfriend is no different. The secret with saying "I love you" is not to say it after every situation, or it loses its effect on him, say you love him randomly when he least expects it. Call him after a difficult meeting and tell him you support him through it all, but most of all you love him, It’s guaranteed to make his day better.

There are dozens of romantic things to say to your boyfriend at night, you must just be creative, but whatever you say, make it count.