Valentine Theme Wedding Ideas

Including Las Vegas and other Destinations

If you are planning a winter wedding, one romantic date to consider is February 14 … Valentine’s Day.  There are lots of fun ways to incorporate Valentine ideas into a wedding.  In addition, every year in the future, you will both have a special connection to the romance of Valentine’s Day when you celebrate your anniversaries.  Imagine how wonderful it will feel when you go out to dinner to celebrate your anniversary, and know that there will be special Valentine’s Day menus, and perhaps a flower, special dessert or other treat.  If you are considering beginning your married life on Valentine’s Day, what are some fun ideas that you will want to include?

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Valentine Theme for Your Hometown Wedding 

If you decide to have a Valentine’s Day Wedding, why not go all out with a Valentine’s theme?  Use red roses in your floral centerpieces and a few pastel roses in the bridal bouquet.  The bridesmaids can wear red or burgundy dresses and carry white flowers, or they can wear another color, such as pink, and carry matching roses.  Rose petals can be strewn down the aisle.  Heart shaped wreaths can adorn the church door.  Present your bridesmaids with heart shaped necklaces and earrings as a gift.  Chocolate hearts can be used to decorate the dinner tables, or to accent the cake.  There are so many different things you can do with the Valentine’s Day theme but, in general, you will want to be sure to include lots of hearts and roses in your plans. 

Valentine Destination Weddings in Hawaii

If you long to celebrate your special day in a tropical location, but you also want a Valentine’s Day theme, why not consider a traveling to Hawaii?  The winter weather there is usually beautiful, and you can have both your ceremony and your honeymoon in the same location.  Nearly all the major hotels and resorts in Hawaii can assist you in making the necessary arrangements. 

One resort that you will want to check out is The Fairmont Orchid on the Big Island of Hawaii.  It is a lovely hotel, tucked away from the hectic pace of the busier resort areas on Oahu and Maui, and is a spectacular setting for a wedding.  They have wedding coordinators on their staff that can help you with your plans, whether you want a small private ceremony in the Courtyard Lanai, or a larger service in one of the ballrooms.  To learn more about this particular resort you may want to read “The Fairmont Orchid Hotel: One of the Best Family Resorts in Hawaii.”

Even in Hawaii, you can use many of the Valentine themes mentioned in the section on hometown weddings … such as using lots of roses and hearts.  However, you can also modify your flowers by choosing orchids instead of roses, as they are so plentiful in Hawaii.  Whatever decorating theme you choose, being married on Valentine’s Day in Hawaii will certainly be a memorable occasion! 

Valentine Destination Weddings in Las Vegas 

A more affordable destination wedding idea is having a Las Vegas ceremony.  With all the fun activities to do there, you will certainly find the romantic venue and entertainment that you are looking for.  You may want to be married in a charming little chapel, such as The Little White Wedding Chapel, which is already decorated with lots of red roses, or The Graceland Chapel, where you can either have a traditional ceremony or be married by an Elvis impersonator.   You can also be married in one of the elegant hotel chapels, such as the Mandalay Bay wedding chapels.  Afterwards, there will be many special restaurants and nightclubs where you can top off your memorable wedding and Valentine’s Day.  Why not commemorate the day with a heart shaped necklace from one of the many jewelry stores in Las Vegas?  Once again, using roses in your bridal bouquet, and having plenty of chocolate and floral hearts around, will help you stick with the Valentine’s Day theme.  In fact, many of the chapels include a rose bridal bouquet in some of their wedding packages. 

To get more information about planning a Las Vegas ceremony, you may want to use this quick link to "Your Guide to a Fabulous Las Vegas Wedding."

Romantic Valentine Wedding Keepsake Items 

If you are planning a Valentine’s Day ceremony, you will certainly want to have a few special keepsake items for yourself and to give your guests to commemorate the occasion.  Where can you buy some of these special items? 

Things Remembered operates kiosks in many malls across the United States.  They also have a wide selection of personally engraved items available online at    They sell everything from personalized engraved bracelets, to beautiful silver-plated filigree boxes with an engraved heart.  They also have picture frames, photo albums, jewelry and keepsake boxes for sale, with prices ranging from about $20 to $80. 

One thoughtful keepsake is a pair of engraved champagne flutes.  They range in price from about $50 to $100.  They can be engraved with your names, initials, or your new monogram along with the date of the wedding.  Champagne flutes are a charming keepsake that you will want to use year after year to commemorate any special occasion.  Since the items are engraved, remember that you will have to plan on purchasing these items in advance. 

For out of town guests, or the guests who attend your destination wedding, you will want to be sure to give them a wedding gift bag.  Be sure to include a few inexpensive mementoes of your special day, as well as a handful of chocolate hearts! 

However you decide to celebrate your Valentine’s Day nuptials, getting married on this romantic day will make all your future Valentine’s Day anniversary celebrations even more special! 

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