The Art of Romance

Romance is the pleasurable feeling of excitement and mystery associated with love.So when you are trying to figure out a romantic evening with your significant other keep that definition in mind. Your three key things to check off when planning a romantic evening are as followed: setting, timing, and passion.


       Setting is the baseline of  your planning. You want to choose a place that will express what you're trying to succeed with your night of romance. Whether you want to pop the question or just bring back those butterflies you had when you first met, it will show that took the time to set the scene and that you didn't just do it to get them off your back about not being affectionate.



       Timing is everything, it sets the mood of the evening. If you want to plan a whole day date with different varieties of things you are planning, you need to time everything according to how it will happen. So if you want dinner and a movie date, you will have to plan the dinner around the time the movie starts, because there is nothing worse than having to rush through dinner just to make the movie, that would ruin the entire evening and set a bad mood as well. Timing is also important for those of us with children. Always make sure you schedule ahead of time a babysitter or family member to watch your little one depending on what you are planning and  how long it will be.



       Now this is your icing on the cake! The passion is basically showing the person how you truly feel about them, your excitement, enthusiasm, and emotion towards that one person. Your goal with this is basically make him/her feel like a king/queen. Make them feel like they are the luckiest person in the world to have someone who cares enough to do this for them. Passion is your effort to please and to unconditionally make happy. Make them feel and know that this night is all about just the two of you together intimately, now that doesn't mean you have to jump into bed together, what I mean by intimately is being close and belonging to one another. This is the sure key ingredient to making your night a night to remember!



                                                        Proposal Idea


Men get your paper and pen and write these down because this could get you a big fat YES when you ask her those three words every woman wants to hear.

Dinner and a movie with a twist!

Before choosing the movie and restaurant, you want to grab a couple of things for the big twist at the end. You will need a blind fold, candles,rose petals(fake or real) wine glasses, wine(nonalcoholic if you want) and the main item, the RING! All of this you will use to set up in your home. Now that you got your materials,figure out what movie you would like to go see,something you both have been wanting to see. Find your desired time that works with your plan for the evening. Then find a place that you would like to have dinner, if she has a favorite and if it's affordable I would suggest going there for dinner since this night is mostly all about her.Prior to leaving for dinner tell her to wait in the car because you forgot something or need something. Go in and set up the rose petals on the bed and scatter them on the floor making a path to the door. Scatter your candles around the room but do not light them yet. Set you glasses out and wine either in the fridge or counter. Place the blind fold in your jacket or pants pocket and keep the ring where ever you feel most comfortable keeping, either on you or at the house.Then, go back out and head to your dinner/movie date. After you have returned from your date tell her you have a surprise inside and that she needs to have the blind fold on.After she has the blind fold on help her to the door an inside and make sure no peeking. Ask  her to wait by the door and not to look yet. Remove your wine and glasses and take them into the bedroom and place them where ever you would like. Then, light your candles for more of a romantic effect. Make your way back to you woman who has been patiently waiting and remove her blind fold. Tell her to just follow the rose petals as you walk behind her. When she sees what you have done she will be in shock. Then, when your nerves have settled take a knee an ask her what you have wanted to ask her all night!