I don't personally know this author, Ron G. Holland and neither have I read any of his books in the past. But the gear of my life has notched up with an extra power of strong will and determination after I have read an electronic copy of his book, Turbo Success- reprogram your biocomputer to achieve wealth and fulfilment.

When I got an in-box message last September 2010 from Brian Mayne's (www.liftinternational.com) promoting to read a free electronic PDF copy of Turbo Success, I thought it would not hurt as I love reading anyway. The content was very informative with a lot of questions and answers from those who would have attended the author' seminars coming from different places like the US, UK, Australia, Ireland, Spain, among others.

The book context is a staggering truth on how anything in this world is possible if one sets his mind and visualise the outcome through the left and the right brain.

In simple terms, Mr. Holland referred to our brain as the human biocomputer. It has the left brain where the words and its meaning are stored. There is also right brain which is the picture brain. Sadly enough in our growing-up years, the left brain is the one extensively used and the right brain is tapped only by those who are used to visualisation or picture-building. The combination and synchronisation of the left and right brain hemispheres are one not comprehensively explored or taught in schools. It is up to us to discover it for ourselves!

According to Ron Holland, the human biocomputer - yes, our brain has the capacity that cannot be matched by the most powerful desk top or notebook computers in the world. The biocomputer brain is regarded as the most powerful computer in the universe. The human biocomputer has a built-in capacity hardware that is unlimited. In other words, the human biocomputer will never run out of memory unless of course the brain cells deteriorate due to mental illness or dementia!

Unfortunately as humans, we are not used to maximising our full mental strength and capacity when we set target goals for ourselves. Software installation has been half-filled and half-imagined hence the desired outcome almost always fail to fruition. This is so true when you think of the number of people who year in, year out make New Year's resolution and half-way through the 2nd week of January and they have already broken their own resolution.

By illustrating Ron Holland's concept, it is clear that any one's New Year resolution to come through and succeed must be thought of as if it has already happened or is happening. If the New Year's resolution is to lose the extra kilos (resolving through the left brain which stores the words in the brain hardware), the right brain must also go into action mode of picturing/visualising how those extra kilos are lost; how you are now appearing well toned and trim;what exercises you are doing to shape you up; the kind of food you are eating. Doing this in an everyday routine creates the mind set that allows the goal to be achieved no matter how difficult or hard.

The book which was published in 1983

done the installation of software in our brain is of limited range and use (the ambitions, goals and lifetime plans) and when the task is accomplished or achieved, rather than install a further software to enhance and develop what has already been achieved, we allowed the brain to go a MISSION ACCOMPLISHED mode whereby it becomes idle waiting to be activated. Mr. Holland regarded this as the Snakes and Ladder game of the mind.

The book which Ron regarded as a working manual defines the methodology on how the biocomputer can be effectively used to ensure Turbo Success comes into your life. The technique is simple and only requires patience and perseverance. By using a tape recorder - one records the words they want to accomplish in a tape. As they play it over and over again, they paused for 45 seconds and allow the right brain to visualise in pictures what it heard from the tape - i.e. taping the words that you wanted to achieve (I am generating millions of dollargs with the release of my first book...).

Ron believed the best and effective way of visualising the picture of success in your brain is by considering it as it happens. The verb use is the now, the present and not the wishful thinking of "I will". The imagination has to run wild like it is already happening.

The advice of the guru is one I can relate with on a personal level.

Indeed visualising what we want to accomplish in life whether as a high school junior wanting to get an A+ grade in Science or Mathematics; a university student wanting to finish her nursing degree or an entrepreneur who wants to succeed with his media or web design business.

Based on Ron Holland's personal experience, it is clear that the journey of successful living does not come from having a high level of education. He started his own business at 14 years old and clearly was not the typical student of his time. Like many of us, he have had his failures and successes in life but over time that he examined and became conscious of how he wanted his life to be, he successfully programmed his brain to bring all the countless Eurekas' in his life.

So what is the book all about? In simple terms, the book is like a working manual of introducing

The 304 pages of Ron Holland's tour of the human brain

and My chance encounter with this guru in making me understand how the human brain can function in making a dream a reality through constant communication and alignment of the left brain with the right