Roof algae cleaning is, for the most part, a fairly straight-forward procedure that can be learned in a relatively short amount of time. However, there are several trade secrets that can make a roof cleaning project cheaper, quicker, and more successful. These secret tips are not known by most homeowners and even some professional roof cleaners. That's about to change, though. Let's go through a few of these tips and tricks.

One of the most important pieces of advice that I can give you pertains to the roof cleaning chemical solution and how its properties can save you or cost you a lot of money. Many people already know that a bleach and water based mixture works best for roof algae cleaning, but this often results in much of the concoction simply running off the roof, especially if the roof pitch is very steep. This waste of chemical and money can be reduced by simply adding a cap of liquid laundry detergent to the solution and mixing it up. This will increase the viscosity of your chemical mixture so that it tends to "stick" to the roof surface a little bit better. The ultimate result will be that you won't have to do as many reapplications and you'll need to use less chemical overall. Just be careful not to breathe in the fumes because the combination of these chemicals will throw off some serious spunk that is not good for your lungs. Use this trick wisely because it will limit your distance if you need to spray the chemical onto a far-reaching surface.

Another common issue that gives amateur roof cleaning contractors fits is the constant drip of chemical out of the downspouts. If you're an educated professional then you know that these drips need to be diluted with water as they exit the downspouts to prevent damage to grass and bushes. The problem is that if you're working with a roof that has a dozen downspouts that empty into the yard it can be extremely time-consuming to have to monitor and rinse them all the entire time. The answer to this quandry is simple. Pull contractor grade garbage bags over the bottom of each downpout and tighten them securely with a zip tie. The bags will catch any chemical run-off so that your rinse man can focus his attention on rinsing down the rest of the perimeter. Simply remove the bags prior to your final roof rinse and either haul them away with you or dilute them on site with plenty of water, preferably in a woodsy area or somewhere out of the way. This tip will save you so much time during a roof algae removal that you won't even believe it.

There's one more trick I'd like to share that can save you a huge amount of time during a roof stain removal project. It involves using Mother Nature to help you out. Let's say you have a roof algae cleaning job scheduled for the day and you told the homeowner that you'd arrive sometime in the afternoon. You're watching the radar, however, and it looks like a huge line of rainstorms is due to hit your area around 2 PM. Your options are to reschedule for another day, to clean the roof before the rain hits, or to clean the roof after it's done raining that day. The smartest choice you could make in this situation would be to clean the roof right before the rain hits. If you're sure that it's going to rain then all you have to do is apply the chemical and then let the rain rinse the roof right after. By eliminating the rinse phase you will probably shave an hour off the job time. This will also aid in soaking the grass and bushes around the perimeter of the home. You have to be on your game with this tactic, however, because if you time it wrong it could start raining before you're done applying chemical. In addition, you'd be dealing with the potential for lighting which could spell disaster if you're still up on the roof. Still, if used wisely this technique will really help to increase your earnings per hour.

There are other trade secrets that I have up my sleeve but you didn't think I was going to reveal everything about removing roof mold, did you? A guy has to earn a living, after all. As a final parting thought I would just recommend that you look at every roof cleaning job as another opportunity to learn and perfect your process. If you do it enough you'll eventually stumble across plenty of your own "insider secrets" that will make your roof algae cleaning business more profitable going forward.