Cathedral TrussChoosing a roof truss can dramatically change the look of your home inside and out. It is important to know that, while changing the look of your home, a roof truss has a more important job. Roof truss's vary by design and will determine more than how a home looks. If a homeowner chooses the wrong roof truss design they can be limited on how they will use the home.

Structurally roof trusses hold the weight of roofing material be it wood, shingles, or metal. Roof trusses are built specifically to hold the 'dead load' that has been calculated. Roof trusses are typically designed and built off-site at a manufacturer. Roof trusses are built from mathematical equations to compose a system that is safe and strong. Prefabricated trusses are built with mechanical presses that compress metal gussets into joints. These gussets are not the same a sheet metal mending plates. Although they have the same look they will not perform the same job and should be avoided if you are building your own roof truss.

Roof trusses are made exactly to specifications supplied by a contractor or homeowner. Roof truss calculators can determine the dimensions of each truss from the width of your home and pitch of the roof. The length of your home will determine how many trusses you will need. Every roof truss ordered, from a manufacturer, for your home is the same. The dimensions are exact, the angels precise, and the joints are made stronger by design.

trussesThe costs of prefabricated trusses are minimal. In most areas of the country roof trusses are $1.00 per board foot. When you consider that a 1/4 inch mistake can cost a homeowner thousands over the life of a roof; prefabricated roof trusses is the only way to go. What about that design factor?

It is a well known fact that the costliest areas of home construction are the foundation and the roof. Knowing this it is wise for a homeowner to consider building with an attic truss. These roof trusses are designed to give a home an 8 foot tall attic. While many people can not imagine needing that extra space, an attic adds value to your home and can be converted into living-space. It is very expensive to make this type of addition after a home is built. It may not even be feasible to change the roof design post-construction. Planning ahead for future space is advisable.

Stroage TrussA double cantilever roof truss is most commonly used in home construction. If you choose to go with an "open space" or attic roof truss the look of your home will not change. The trusses are structurally engineered differently to create a room. A common roof truss on a 10:12 (common)pitch with 24 foot span will cost around $75.00. An attic truss with the same dimensions will be in the range of $180.00 depending on your area. A homeowner can easily add 450 square feet to the home for under $5,000.00.

There is no reason to spend so much money for structural stability and loose the use of the space. If a homeowner doesn't need or want a full attic storage trusses can be bought. Having unfinished living space in the home allows for many possibilities. On the resale market buyers will love the extra space option, and potential.

Attic SpaceWhen buying roof trusses from a manufacturer consider one with a shipping yard close to your home site. The cost of transportation will raise the price of roof trusses. If you are assembling the trusses on-site read all the information provided by the truss company. Typically a company that sells roof trusses will provide you with a structural engineering guide, and assembly instructions.