If you are in the process of designing your house, consider the phrase "less is more".  Minimalist living has become extremely popular for individuals who want beautiful room design with just the bare essentials.  Minimalist living, although sometimes including expensive furnishings, is far from lavish.  With the concept that you can utilize one piece of bedroom furniture to serve you a multitude of functions, your bedroom interior design does not have to cost you a fortune.  If you are on a budget or you simply love simplicity, consider the tips below and take the minimalist approach to room design. 

Furnishings with Multi-functionality

When you do not want to clutter your space with a room full of furniture find pieces that can serve several different function.  Nightstands become pointless when you have both a dresser and decorative table in your room.  Cut out the clutter and stick with something that can serve all through functions.  The right dresser can hold your clothes, hold picture frames and lamps, and keep small trinkets safe with a dedicated drawer.  By investing in just one dresser instead of two nightstands and a table you will keep space open and inviting. 

Room Design
Credit: dan taylor

The Bed

Perhaps the most important bedroom furniture to invest in for minimalists is the bed.  While some will pay thousands for a mattress and a headboard, consider starting by focusing on just the mattress and the box spring.  Low profile beds are growing in popularity.  You cannot get any more low profile than putting the box spring right on the ground.  Not only will this open up your room you will be lowering your out-of-pocket costs for bedroom furnishings.


When you are a minimalist, the idea of packing up and leaving on a whim is important.  Purchase interior decor that is portable and can be transported to a new home easily.  One of the main reasons people like to stick to bare essentials is because they want to be able to relocate easily with the most mobile furnishings.

A minimalist room design is simple and aesthetically pleasing.  Invest in less-expensive furniture that is easy to disassemble and always choose decor that will match your personal style.  Less is more has become a popular saying among designers of fashion as well.  Minimalists do not believe you have to overly furnish your home from floor to ceiling to feel like you are home.  Design on a budget with the bare essentials and be wise with your investment.