Gain Room With A Simple Room Make Over

Make that basement space useable

Remodeling a room can, and usually is, tedious and often an expensive proposition.  It does not have to be that way, however.  One can accomplish the task of making a seemingly unusable area quite functional with little expense if you get creative and stop being so hell bent on needing everything you see in the dream homes on display in so many publications.  

I have recently begun the task of giving my music room, i.e. basement area, a bit of a facelift for purposes of finally using the area for that which it was intended the day I laid eyes on it.  Namely, something workable, inexpensive and functional for my purpose of music and video production.  

I had begun the project about 6 years ago when I had removed the paneling from the lower 1/2 of the walls only to discover a much larger visual disaster.  The walls were cracked and had some stucco like covering on them in the shape of alternating blocks.  I can imagine that it looked good at one time but that time is not now.  As I did not have the desire, will, time or money to file, scrape, sand or whatever was needed to remove this surface covering I finally decided to just cover it with 2 coats of Dry-block covering, paint it and commence to making the room useable.  

The “Do it better than the pro’s” idea that was engrained in me from my youth was going to have to take a back seat this time as that was not going to happen.  So I took the approach of making the room full of character and employing a few ideas that are far less expensive than our other options.  All of the walls and ceiling were painted with several coats and a few of the walls where the excessively ugly texture and filled in cracks was viewable were covered with window drapes much like that of the acoustic curtains you see at a movie theatre.  This was all accomplished for less than $400 verses thousands of dollars via our other options. 

As the room is used for both music / music production and video / photography we have the added benefit of minimal light reflection with the curtains closed.  Yet, we have the ability to pull the curtains back to expose the unique character of the textured walls which are now display areas for my wife’s photography work.  This adds color to a room that needs to be neutral in color due to the video and photography aspect of use.  

This same technique can be used for many types of rooms as it adds a wonderful acoustic quality and allows you to clean your walls with the use of a wash machine instead of hours of scrubbing walls.

At the end of the project we have spent very little in terms of a minor renovation and most importantly, we have access to another room for something we enjoy so much.  Here’s to being wise instead of trying to impress the masses.  It is far better to have this area clean and useable as opposed to adding another area of the house which becomes a storage area for everything you never needed.  Happy remodeling.

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