What are the best mood lighting options for the LED Lighting Buyer?

Philips Living Colors Generation 2 LED Lamp

Made by the highly respected Philips brand, the Philips LivingColors Generation 2 LED Lamp is really an innovation in decorative color changing mood lighting. Featuring a spectrum of more than 16 million colors to select from, the light places you in direct control of your rPhilips 69143/60/48 LivingColors Generation 2 Translucent Changing LED Lamp with RemoteCredit: Amazonoom's ambiance.

Simply select a color on the remote, and the light will immediately bathe your living area in light that reflects your individual preference. Powered by seven vibrant LEDs, LivingColors claims to give a complete rainbow of color possibilities at your fingertips, something that is fervently supported by the fantastic reviews this device gets on-line.

Philips themselves say “Color your world with light with the second version of LivingColors. Bring bright sunshine yellow inside when it's grey outside, or a pale leaf-green to relax you. Touch the color ring and LivingColors lights up your world in any shade you choose, from soothing pastel shades to rich, intense colors. Or, you can sit back and enjoy the adjustable pace of the automatic color changing mode.

Simply adjust to follow your mood and enjoy.

LivingColors Generation 2 provides 50% more light to bathe your home and express your mood in more intense colored light. You can now also create white light with LivingColors. Explore light in ways you never thought possible, at any moment, for every mood, in every color.”

Equinox Translucent Color Changing LED Ambiance Lamp with Remote

Presenting a brand new realm of color into your home or office, the Equinox Mood Light enables you to wash your living space using your selection from 16 million colors.

Using 7 long-life LEDs, the Equinox is operated by a remote control, enabling you to create the perfect soothing atmosphere with the touch of a button. The exterior was design by Zhang XunEquinox Translucent Color Changing LED Ambiance Lamp with RemoteCredit: Amazon who's the winner of the German Red-dot concept design award.

The Equinox Mood Light is encased within a glass orb with an attractive housing for the LEDs which help it complement any contemporary setting.

Simply use the intuitive remote control to choose from millions of color choices; have one continuous color lighting for your home with a choice of brightness and saturation, or select a slow cycle of the whole color spectrum to get a exclusive, calming light show.

HitLights BLUE-MOON Multi Color 9W RGB Changing LED Globe Light Bulb

If you really can’t stretch to one of the above devices then how about this device from Hitlights, a less expensive option than either the Philips or Equinox products, never the less Hitlights make bold claims, “Our brightest and most advanced solid-state LED color 9 Watt changing bulbs yet!”  This light bulb can be set to over 15 colors using the remote control. You can also choose for the bulb to cycle through the colors, smoothly fade, HitLights BLUE-MOON Multi Color 9W RGB Changing LED Globe Light Bulb, Super Bright Mood Light with Upgraded Remote Memory FunctionCredit: Amazonstrobe and flash as you require. If you choose a fixed color you can tweak and adjust the mixture to pick your own shade to suit your mood or the environment. Being a dimmable led bulb gives you the control to set the exact level of lighting, something that would cost almost as much as this bulb does if you want to add it to existing home LED lighting.

“I bought two of these to go in two paper floor lamps that I have in my bedroom. I am beyond pleased with them. Absolutely beautiful and bright!”

It really is very simple, and not at all expensive, to experiment with mood lighting in your home and set the ambiance depending on how you are feeling, or indeed how you wish yourself or your guests to feel; relaxed and comfortable or vivid and dramatic.