Roomba Virtual Wall

What Is A Roomba Virtual Wall?

Introduced to 2002 by iRobot, Roomba robotic vacuum cleaners have grown rapidly in popularity by over 2 million people as an effort free way to clean the house.  Using Roomba virtual walls, the Roomba vacuum cleaner can sweep your entire house while you are away at work by using infrared sensors built into the unit to avoid furniture and return to its home base for charging.  Without any effort on your part, you can rest assured knowing that a computer generated artificial intelligence has made sure to vacuum every inch of your floor.  

Roomba virtual walls use 2 “D” batteries to create an imaginary wall that a Roomba sweeper will not cross.  Possible uses include blocking a doorway so that your Roomba is confined to one room.  Rather than have your Roomba vacuum cleaner get overwhelmed and lost, it is important to keep it confined to an area that it can navigate successfully.  The limitations can be frustrating, but by putting a little bit of thought and effort into your home’s layout, you can set up your Roomba virtual walls so that it can more adequately clean your home.

Roomba Virtual Wall Lighthouse 

The Roomba wall lighthouses are similar to Roomba virtual walls in the sense that they contain your Roomba vacuum cleaner to one room, however they work a little differently.  Introduced for the 500 series Roomba, only one virtual wall lighthouse is needed per room.  It doesn’t matter how many entries or exits the room has, the Roomba vacuum will stay in that room until it completely finishes it before moving on to the next.  Unlike roomba virtual walls, the lighthouses are not designed to restrict your robotic vacuum cleaner, but instead just guide it from room to room so it can clean as efficiently as possible.  By training your Roomba with virtual wall lighthouses you can help it clean your home like you would- one room at a time.  

Where To Find Roomba Parts:

Roomba parts like virtual walls, and virtual wall lighthouses can be difficult to find especially if you first generation Roomba or the Roomba Discovery SE.  Although they may be difficult to find in stores, Roomba parts are widely available online and reasonably inexpensively on Authority sites like  For repairs and replacement parts, Roomba offers a one year limited warranty directly through the iRobot website.  However, consumable parts like brushes, container bins, and belts are not covered.

What To Expect From Roomba Virtual Walls:

If you are considering adding a virtual wall for your Roomba then you are already aware that there are certain limitations of a robotic vacuum.  It will on occasion get stuck in certain areas, or miss spots on the floor due to obstacles in the way.  Roomba virtual walls are designed to keep Roomba sweepers contained in one room as to drastically increase it’s effectiveness.  If you constantly find your Roomba stuck in a closet or hallway, a Roomba virtual wall may be exactly what you need to keep your Roomba on track.