"Root Beer Tapper" on the Xbox 360 is a classic re-released game from the heyday of arcades in the 1980s. In the game, you play as a soda jerk (a soda bartender) who delivers tasty mugs of root beer to the patrons of the bar. However, the patrons will become unruly if they reach the end of the bar without wetting their whistle.

Things You Will Need

*Microsoft Xbox 360
*Root Beer Tapper for the Xbox 360

Step 1

Unlock the "careful" achievement by getting to the sports bar stage without losing a life and you will obtain a secret gamer picture for your profile. The picture is of a root beer mug usable for your gamer picture.

Step 2

"Alien Server": Complete every alien level to receive this 30 point achievement.
"Careful": Get to the sports bar without losing a life to obtain this 10 point achievement.
"Champion": Win 50 online versus games to this 20 point achievement.
"Competitive": Win 10 online ranked or player matches to obtain this 10 point achievement.
"Good Guesser": During the bonus level, correctly guess the correct can for this 10 point achievement.
"Guessing Master": Guess the correct can during 4 straight bonus levels to obtain this 30 point achievement.
"Punk Bar Server": Finish the punk bar scenes to receive the 20 point achievement.
"Saloon Master": Get 7,000 points in level 1 without dying. Worth 15 points.
"Saloon Server": Complete all the saloon levels for a 10 point achievement.
"Sports Bar Server": Beat the sports bar levels for this 15 point achievement.
"Team Scorer": Get at least 80,000 points in an online co-op game. This is worth 20 points.
"Tip of the Day": Receive 3 tips while playing an online co-op game. This is worth 10 points.

Step 3

If a customer receive their drinks quickly, they will leave a tip at the very end of the bar. By running to the end of the bar and obtaining the tip, a group of girls will dance on screen for a few seconds, distracting most, if not all, of the other customers so you can deliver their drinks without fear of them nearing the end of the table.

Tips & Warnings