John Gerard, a famous English herbalist, conducted a study and comprehensive research in 1597 about cucumber. In this research, he found out the cucumber can be used as rosacea acne treatment. During that period onwards, people suffering from this medical condition have been using cucumber to get rid of this disorder as it has healing abilities.

What makes cucumber a cure for Rosacea and other skin ailments lies on its properties. Cucumber, being mainly made up of water, acts as a cooling agent. Apart from being a cooling agent, it also gives off Vitamins A, C, and E, and Caffeic acid. These components administer freshening of the skin. This is the reason why dermatologists and doctors advise putting on cucumber segments on irritated areas of the skin to heal skin disorders. It is safe, effective and natural, too.

Cucumber has been famous all over the world for its power to soothe eyes and reduce eyebag size. Surprisingly, it is found as a cure for other disorders. Cucumber has many uses and benefits for the skin. One is to enhance and cool the skin. Another is curing rosacea. Here are ways to use cucumber:

  • One is the pure cucumber mask. Reduce the cucumber slices to pulp. Blend the pulp with three to four table spoons of yogurt. Take note that the yogurt should be fresh and all natural. Next, apply the blended ingredients on the irritated areas of the skin just like putting on a face mask. Let it sit for 10 minutes so the skin can properly absorb the mixture. After ten minutes, wash off the mask with cool water.
  • Another is the ever famed cucumber slice. Put the cucumber slices on top of the affected areas. For 10 to 15 minutes, lie back and let the slices sit on your skin. Make this a routine to lessen inflammation and redness of the skin. This is most helpful to those who suffer from ocular rosacea.
  • The last way is the use of cucumber along with other ingredients. Mix together a glass of cream, honey, a spoon of olive oil, and cucumber. Believe it or not, mud is included in this recipe too so don't forget to add that in the mixture. Blend the ingredients. Apply onto face when mixture cools. This is another way to cool the skin and cure rosacea. It is said that this technique is similar to the one made by Cleopatra ages ago.

A cucumber can be used in numerous ways to cool the skin and body and become a rosacea acne treatment. You can slice it and just apply immediately, puree, or even add with ingredients to apply to skin. Aside from water, is also has vitamins which aid in reducing itch and swelling of the skin. Isn't it amazing how a cucumber can become a rosacea acne treatment? Who would have thought? This is all thanks to the research of John Gerard. Give cucumber a try. Make it your rosacea acne treatment.