Rosacea is a chronic skin condition that many people have to deal with. Its symptoms include dilated blood vessels, facial redness, acne-like bumps, and blushing. In some cases, the nose may swell and the eye region may get irritated. For now, let's forget about all the other symptoms and zero in on the blushing. In this article, I will give you top 9 tips as rosacea blushing remedy.

Unfortunately, there is no cure for rosacea and the blushing that comes with it. However, you can do some things to manage this unwanted rosacea symptom.

Rosacea usually affects fair-skinned women with ages 30 to 50. There is no cure for the direct cause but you can do something to conceal or even prevent the blushing. Here are the things you should do:

  • Stay away from the sun. The sun's harmful rays are one of the known rosacea triggers. So if you don't want to look like you are blushing because of a crush, stay hidden in the shadows. If you think exposure to the sun is unavoidable, prepare your hats, sunglasses, and sunscreen.
  • Say no to hot and spicy foods and beverages. This is another trigger you should be aware of by now.
  • You should lessen or even avoid alcohol consumption. This will only aggravate the blushing so do follow directions.
  • Be wary of temperature changes. Do not go enjoy a hot shower and then proceed to an air-conditioned room, for instance. This will make you blush even more so be aware of that. Strenuous exercise and hot baths should be avoided as well.
  • Get stress management classes or engage in extracurricular activities. If you don't have the time or the money for any of those things, you can settle for a stress ball.
  • Dip a wash cloth in cold water and put it over your face. Doing this will cool your face and reduce the redness.
  • Choose your cosmetics carefully. Only go for those who are specially made for sensitive skin. An example of a good makeup to use is one that is talc free.
  • Steer clear from your other triggers. If you are suffering from rosacea for a long time now, it means that you know your triggers very well. But if you are still starting out and learning the ropes of rosacea, take note of every trigger you notice so you can avoid them next time.
  • Do not use any abrasive materials on your face.

This set of rosacea blushing remedy can help you solve your blushing problems. Just adhere to them and notice some changes in your skin. But if you don't see any difference, consult your dermatologist and ask for a treatment tailor-made for your skin's needs and type. Not yet satisfied with this article? You can look for sites that specialize in rosacea and rosacea blushing remedy. From there, you can get more tips and tricks to solve your rosacea problems. Feel free to share this article so you can help others too. Good luck and have a nice day.