Rosacea affects about 45 million people in the world today. It manifests pus-filled bumps, dilated blood vessels, and rosacea cheeks. In this article, you will learn about:

  1. Rosacea signs and symptoms
  2. Caring for your skin

Rosacea is a common skin disorder but is often misdiagnosed as acne. Because of this diagnosis, you end up treating your rosacea with wrong medications which only makes it worse than ever. Reading this article will help you identify the symptoms so you can properly treat them.

You can come up with the right treatment for your skin if you truly know what your condition is. Below are the symptoms of rosacea:

  • Rosacea cheeks or blushing is one symptom that makes rosacea distinct. Your cheeks will look like they got burned from too much exposure from the sun. The blushing shows in your cheeks and spreads to the center of your face. The facial redness will come and go but will most likely appear after strenuous exercise, hot showers and eating spicy foods.
  • Another symptom is dilation of the blood vessels on your face. The enlargement of your blood vessels will make you look like you have a swollen face.
  • You can also get irritated and grainy feeling in the eyes. Sometimes, the irritation hinders the proper functioning of your eyes. The areas around your eyes can even get affected in higher stages of rosacea.
  • Acne-like bumps may appear on your face. Because of this, rosacea is often mistaken as acne.
  • Your nose may also form excess tissues that cause it to swell more than its normal size. This usually occurs in the higher stage and in men.

If you have any of the mentioned symptoms, immediately go to your doctor for a consultation. You will most likely suffer from rosacea if you are fair-skinned, of the English, European, Irish, or Scottish ancestry, and has a family history of rosacea. By talking to your doctor, you can verify your skin's condition and finally come up with a solution to your problem.

Rosacea is a chronic and incurable skin disorder. There is no cure for the direct cause but you can do something to recover from the symptoms. The first thing you should do is to have a skin care regimen. You should wash your face daily with a mild soap or a non-drying cleanser. After which, you should apply the topical treatment prescribed by your dermatologist (if there is any). Next is to rub on a moisturizer recommended by your derma. Please avoid harsh cleansers or abrasives. When going out, you should put on sunscreen to protect your skin so as not to aggravate your skin's condition.

Rosacea cheeks and other symptoms caused by rosacea can be really annoying. You will have to empoy serious cleansing daily and lifestyle change. If you need more help about rosacea, you can search for sites that specialize in rosacea cheeks and other symptoms. You can share this article to others too. Good luck and please give your skin extra attention most especially if you have rosacea.